TOP LID & BOTTOM LID Overlay issue

Hey guys! So in my story, I want my character Vanessa, to look like she’s falling asleep in class. I have both overlays and the correct coding as well but, the sizing is too small and completely wrong. I’ve been trying to fix it, but as soon as I try to position it goes straight to “to be continued” and I can’t fix it. Should I try to delete all the end credits that come after the scene and just copy and paste it onto google docs and then fix the overlays that way? If ya’ll could help me that would be greatly apricated!

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You can add :



@pause for 1000000000000 (literally any huge number)

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I’ll see if it works, thank you!

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Okay, so that worked but now I have 3 overlays maybe four

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this is my coding, is there too much?