Top romance stories?

Hello! I’m new here :slight_smile:

does anyone have any top romance recommendations? preferably CC where you have choices? I recently read dirty little secrets and that blew my mind!!

thank you :slight_smile:


Welcome to forums! But I have no stories to reccomend… sorreh

I married a millionaire
Rising star
Dirty little secrets
Mafia in Manhattan
Deep attraction

Hope it’s helpful :blush:

Moved to Promote Your Story since you’re looking for recommendations. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

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Yes definitely, thank you! :heart:

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Hello! I recently just created my own romance story if you would like to give it a go…?
The style is LIMELIGHT and it’s CC as well!

You might like:

  • The Wedding Buddies by Lilly R
  • And in time… by Atreus

well “My Psycho”, “Love Bird”, “War Dogs” and “Evocation”

if you want, you can try my story, without cc, but choices matter. It’s fantasy about fate and unconditional love If you will read it, I will appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Hello there ~ If you’re into Romantic Comedy, this is my story! The CC is limited though because I have art scenes in my story, but I give the chance for the user to CC the hair and outfits multiple times throughout the story (and when the characters get older, lip colour too). Hope you can check it out.

Title: Loving You Again
Author: Fluffy Rice
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 18 (Ongoing)
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Description: This story focuses on Sierra who is separated from her childhood friend, Peter. After several years apart, they coincidentally reunite in high school without knowing they had a past together. Their relationship starts off rocky as they uncontrollably banter. But once their difference was settled, a loving friendship begins to bloom. Can Sierra and Peter take their relationship to the next level?
Instagram: @fluffyrice.episode