Topic Closed and Problem Solved!

My story’s title is A Royal Dilemma and below are the characters I’d like to be included. The castle is the background I’d like to be used.
The characters can be arranged in any order as long as the girl in the blue dress is in the center since she’s the Princess and is the main character.
I need the characters to be cut out of the photos I’ve taken cleanly and clearly.
and the cover art must be .png

I’m sorry if the pictures are in bad quality but I can send better ones if someone is willing to take the task!

Maybe you can take the characters again? Right click with your mouse on the image and save the image. It’ll be better quality.
Or leave the character details.

Character details-

For both the guards I chose Ahish and Dave from the actors and put palace guard uniforms on them

For the maid I chose Kim and changed her hair to the Suburban Bubble and put her in the maid outfit

For the woman in the gold dress I chose Amrita and changed her nose to upturned

For the man in the tux I customized him.

Skin- Taupe

Brow- Bushy Arch

Hair- Short Curly Fade

Eyes -Classic round in green

Face- Defined triangle

Nose- Refined

Lips- Pouting Oval and Taupe color then put him in the grey tuxedo outfit

For the Princess- I chose Amrita and put these

Skin- caramel

Eyes- Upturned Bold and a dark grey

Face- Soft Heart

Nose- Soft Natural

Lips - Classic with orange crush lipstick

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