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Sorry, came off rude.

The story, overlooking that, is really good.

If you need a proofreader or a different cover, really anything, I can help.

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Can you really do covers if you can I would love one

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Here’s mine! I would love to do a rfr with you! Send me a PM here or in IG for the number of chapters!


Instagram: @sm._.writes
Author Name: Madhu
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6531970718957568

Yeah, of course.

That would be great oh my gosh!!!

Hey interested in r4r

Title Ft: Not your perfect princess

Description: How does your life changes from that perfect fairy tale to the most frantic nightmare. Get ready for drama, suspense a slow-burn romance with 2 sexy beings. (NO GEMS)(CHOOSEGENDER)


I just need the character details.

Oh my gosh of course I will do R4R this story sounds magical!!

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I will get all the character deets for you!!

Thankyou,how how many chapters my story has 3

6 chapters I am working on 7 so I guess 3 for 3

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Great I’m waiting for pass refill you share the screenshots then I will as soon as pass refill

I will read yours later because I really wanna code today but I will get your’s done I promise

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Uhhhh hi?

Duplicate closed. Refer to Reccomend your story! Read for Read