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Your directing and premise is good, but I strongly advice getting it proofread as a lot of readers exit when there are many spelling mistakes and missing punctuations. Wish your story the best ^^

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Some stories i have seen do have poor grammar but still have a lot of reads tho?

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Good for you i wish i was half way lol. I barely have any just 34 it’s been published for weeks

Good grammar makes better quality, no? It could be the stories you mentioned were lucky or published way earlier so they’re easier to find. Episode stories today are getting better and better, so you need to have as much plus point if you want readers to continue reading and even promote your story.


I don’t think my grammar is that poor, there way worse just saying. I hope mine isn’t ‘boring’ ‘trashy’ lol

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It is

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I’m trying to but it’s hard not to have a flaw. Yeah another of mine had 5.4k reads but it was romance. Might be why this one is less popular

Yeah although this one has romance in it, it’s mainly more action and thriller

I agree. Most stories that I love aren’t in the popular categories (mafia, bad boy, romance drama, pregnant yada yada) but if the author doesn’t bother adding periods at the end of every dialogue and use poor English, I would skip :grimacing:

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Adding on to what’s already been stated…

Romance sells.

Some readers, including myself, will turn away from your story as soon as they see too many mistakes. This may include but isn’t limited to: grammatical errors, directing errors, speechbubble placement, camera placement, plot, flow, etc. A reader will judge your story immediately. This includes the small cover, large cover and description.

For me, grammar is quite important. Yes, there are some popular stories which have a lot of mistakes. I don’t understand why either. But your story and those stories have two different target audiences and you can’t use them as a comparison.

You should promote it in your other story, if you haven’t already, on Instagram and through R4R.

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My English is good tho? if you have read the first few scenes. Tell me what i should fix

A few people have said it’s interesting but just needs more work on it

I read a few lines, and I don’t remember any prominent grammatical error. I would suggest using correct punctuations and period at the end of every sentence.

I do have a mild learning difficulty so it may explain my slight mistakes. So you mean a full stop on the end of every sentence?

I appreciate honesty so i can improve and fix the errors in my story.

For example in your description:
Capitalise the first word in a sentence.
End each sentence with punctuation.
Use a comma to join two clauses.
Use the correct contraction.

In a world where cyborgs don’t exist, one comes to kill Susie, a normal girl with a special purpose. Worse yet? The cyborg falls for her sister.


Yes, and use the right punctuation for sentence, question, and exclamation. Also it’s important to capitalize, for example “i” is supposed to be “I”.

Sorry I’m a bit confused with the letter ‘i’’. I thought I did capitalise it. Is it right in this scene?

Should be I’m 18