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Just noticed that, will fix it now

You might want to ask a proofreader to fix some grammar mistakes. Or add punctuation at the end of each sentence. By the way, a story description is everything. In order to have more reads I think you should check spelling and punctuation.
Hope your story gets reads!


Also make sure to add the “.” at the end of the sentence.

You should definitely make an Instagram account for your Episode stories and promote on there as well. It’ll definitely help you get your story out there along with posting on the forums. :blob_hearts:


Hi, I’ve just read the first episode of your story, and the main thing that put me off was it was in INK, i know many people love in but a lot of people prefer LL, all your directing and everything seemed good though, I just think you need to promote it more to the INK lovers :heart:

I am Eva Connor, the younger sister of Susie Connor. She is four years older than I am, she’s 23.

(Most likely, your readers can do basic math, so if you say shes 4 years older than you then its not necessary to have both your ages down. You want to have succinct dialogue.)

My story “The Wizard Of War” was published 3 years ago and you still have more readers than me. Don’t feel disheartened.


I will read your story, It looks interesting and like the others have said, You should create an episode instagram account and promote your story there. It would definitely help.:blush:

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There are some apps that will help you with grammar, I would download it

It’s getting harder for small authors to get noticed. There are so many hidden gems out there. Your story may be amazing but still have less than 100 reads. It happens :disappointed: I’ll give your story a read,

I agree with Licorice.
I read your story, and there were grammatical errors in almost every single speech bubble. And there were quite a few errors in your description. It is true that some stories have grammatical mistakes but still have many reads, however it’s always best to have good grammar. There were a few sentences that I did not understand, or sentences that weren’t clear. I’m sorry if I sound really harsh. :sweat:
I can proofread your story and send you corrections if you’d like. I hope you keep writing, even if it’s discouraging! You got this! :grin: It takes a lot of time, but I’m sure you can get more reads.


How many of these threads have you made? I swear you’ve made at least two others, everyone has advised you to correct your grammar, and you haven’t - there are still errors in your description. At this point it doesn’t seem like you really want the advice, it seems like you’ve just realized opening a thread about it gets your story a few more reads.

Edit: found em.


If you’re genuinely curious on fixing your grammar, let me know. I’m willing to proofread your entire story and ‘rewrite it’ for you. However, if you’re just doing this to get more reads on your story, like @LiaMina said, then stop.

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Still though it comes across as harsh when i just want to promote my story. No harm done. People are not getting my point at all. What else can I do :roll_eyes:

Nobody’s trying to be harsh on you. It’s up to you to take it as constructive criticism or just strict judgement. I’ve read through your story, it has potential. Maybe reading more books would help?
I’ve listed a few prominent episode stories that have good grammar and directing below (you can read through them and improve)
Again by REZOGEN
The Infected by Caitoriri
Times Square by Janine Dela Cruz
Every author/writer has had hard times, so have I. But the key to becoming successful is working and improving.
I also suggest going through Dara Amarie’s templates and guides for better directing and maybe take a look at Joseph Evans’ YouTube channel-- it helps!

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Nobody is trying to be rude! They’re just trying to give you constructive feedback. You don’t have to take the wrong way.

Sry, not going to. Take it as you will. Because it seems anything said from this point on you’ll attempt to use and make it as though you’re being attacked.

Like I said, if you’re anxious and upset, distance yourself from the forums.

Feel better soon!


Um, hello! They are being nice! They are only trying to help you!

I hope so

Oh my life! Nobody is judging you! They’re just giving you constructive feedback. It’s okay to let others tell you what’s to be improved upon.
If you’re really stressed, read other stories and watch episode tutorials.

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