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You can promote your story on Instagram (if you have one). You can also promote your story on here, you don’t have to ask for a read for read but you can just give a description of your story and let others find interest in it:) hope this helps!


Hey. When I wrote my first story (and even my main one now), it took a while for people to read it. I was very discouraged. To get more reads I would strongly recommend promoting your story on Instagram.


Thanks for the advice i have promoted already but many want R4R which is fine but i want genuine reads too

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Do you have an episode instagram to promote it on? I only started doing r4rs for fun recently. My reads mostly came from promoting on my instagram.

Also try leaving a link.

I don’t have Instagram cause i don’t use it but i don’t know if an episode account would help? And this is the link #episode

I agree with getting an episode instagram so more people know your story exists. :smiley:
Also, I would fix the errors in your description because that can turn someone off right from the start and they might not give your story the chance it deserves.

Should In Love be two words in your title?
Then the description: Eva’s life’s (no period) turned upside down when a dangerous, cyborg hybrid is out to kill her sister. What’s(apostrophe) worse, (instead of worst) she falls of him!


Sound interesting and I like the cover! I’m an author too and I have a small amount of reads and I asked a friend who’s story was a hit and she gave me some tips that actually really helped:) She told me that readers like a good story line, so readers can follow it nice and smoothly; The covers should be noticeable and eye catching ( so basically it depends on the artwork); and most readers will continue to read if you’re active a lot and hyping up your story like giving them sneak peeks or publishing as fast as you can:)


Yeah i might make an episode Instagram if that works. I actually just fixed the grammar earlier, I used the world inlove to catch attention. I couldn’t think of any other names :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean? You wanted to write Inlove instead of In love?

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‘Inlove’ what’s wrong with that? I don’t understand lol

It’s two words

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Inlove isn’t a real word. :thinking:

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It is a word I just didn’t put a space between in and love not much different

I knew that it’s only a slight spellcheck lol

I don’t think we’re trying to criticize at all. I just thought you might want to know so you can fix them. I would want to know.



If I can make a suggestion, try fixing some of the small grammatical errors in the description. It’s one of the first things people see when they read a story and it’s important to make a great first impression!!

Try also posting a few screenshots of your story to advertise it!!

Last idea, I highly suggest joining a writer’s contest to become apart of the community :kissing_heart:


All cause of a slight spell mistake smh

Well, don’t. :crazy_face: I’m honestly just trying to give a couple tips on how to get more people to check out your story and not scroll past.

I know some people who won’t even click a story if it has grammar errors in the title or description because they may assume the whole story would have them.
Your title is the first thing to pull a reader in so it should be as perfect as you can make it.