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Hello guys! I hope everyone is doing good! :two_hearts: :heartpulse: :sunny:
So i stumbled upon many threads that mentioned losing motivation to write and i wanna know what exactly causes it, maybe we can support each other and that way you’ll get at least 1% of your motivation back! :sparkles:
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Usually the loading time and my short attention span. :joy: They are not a good mix. :confused: Also just a case of writers block sometimes. :grimacing:

But for others it can be their read count that puts them off writing/coding.

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Idk a mix of everything. Everyone goes thru writers block & there’s no real way to fix it except for waiting. I feel like it’s just part of the process of writing & stories u enjoy writing come & go. sometimes u get bored & sometimes u just don’t actually know what to write next. my recommendation is to plan out everything before starting, so u never feel stuck on what comes next n also to make sure u like the plot enough that u won’t get bored. but other than that, u just have to leave the story, come back again & then see if u still wanna write it.


Maybe try to promote your story on the forums or your ig! Post sneak peeks every now and then, create some character contests, create games for your story on ig highlights (like bingo etc…).
For writer’s block, whenever you think of some sort of idea, write it down immediately or you’ll most probably forget later! Plan everything, even the unimportant stuff, you never know when you’ll need them!

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I 100% agree with what you said, the most secure way to create a story without writers block or plot holes is to plan everything before starting, although, even if you started and had a writers block, you can still take a break and plan more details, and then get back better than ever! :heartpulse:

A lot of things can demotivate me. Being too tired (which is always), too stressed about life, if my kids have been a handful lately, not getting any story reads, my laptop being slow (my laptop is so slow that I end up messing around half the time waiting for it to load. I code and write pretty quick so my laptop really hinders me). And then of course there’s the usual writers block. It doesn’t happen to me often because I usually have a good general idea of where my story’s going, but there’s always a scene or two that gives me more trouble than the rest.

I just try not to put pressure on myself to write. I will never be a popular author because I take too long to update, but I cannot and will not force myself to write if I don’t 100% feel like it, because I don’t want to half a** what I produce.


i feel like it’s the thought of us not being so popular that make our motivation sink at the bottom


Sometimes authors are so focused on the idea and overworks themselves that they eventually burn out and creativity stop altogether.
Speaking for myself on this one.

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Hey! Don’t say that! I’m sure you’ll get there someday! :heartpulse: :pleading_face:

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Honestly true, but i can guarantee that no hard work will be ignored, you can’t expect 1 million reads overnight either, in my opinion it all starts with one story, it becomes popular, then the readers will know what the author is capable of, so they read their other stories! Just don’t give up!! :heartpulse: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

True, that’s why every author should take it easy on themselves, if they can’t update weekly then so be it! Their whole life isn’t just Episode and people should respect that! :sneezing_face: :two_hearts:

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Writers block is the main one. Then there’s schoolwork that takes half the day. And you can’t forgot good ol’ procrastination :smiley:

I think not being passionate enough about a story makes you feel unmotivated. There was a story I was writing which I was excited about, but deep inside I knew it wasn’t really… me. So I switched over to writing a cliche superhero-themed story which I know nearly everyone in the DL contest will be writing… and it’s okay! Do what makes you feel happy :smiley:

This! I was writing two stories last year and I was excited about them. I really loved the concept and everything…but…I don’t know why, I just lost interest in them. I looked at them and was just not into them anymore. To this day, I don’t have any interest. They are on hold now but I highly doubt they will ever be continued.

That’s why I think writing is harder than it looks. You may think you have this awesome idea but to motivate yourself and be happy about it in the process is tough. Motivation is not just one thing but many things. There are so many factors that goes into motivation.

For me to be motivated, I would have to have the time (and I’m talking like more than a couple hours) and be in a good mood. If I’m happy and I’m free for the day, I can write a whole episode. We’re all different when it comes to motivation.

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I’ve noticed that what helps me get my motivation and inspiration back after losing it is that reading other stories with similar themes/genres as mine. For example, i’m currently writing a pirate story. When i’ve hit a writer’s block or lost the motivation to keep writing, i’d read other people’s pirate stories. Inspiration will always spark. Or i’ll notice something missing in their story, that if it was there, would make the reading experience so much better. And i’ll take that and implement it to my own story.

Ahw I appreciate that! But I’ve accepted that fact and I don’t really mind. I write my stories mostly for my own enjoyment, and I love reading them together with my fiancé, because he enjoys my stories too. So it does bother me now and then to not get as many reads as I think I should have, but it is what it is, especially knowing there’s tons of amazing stories out there waiting to be discovered :blush:

100% for me it’s the time and effort of trying to find, edit, and then upload backgrounds and overlays. I can handle the writing, coding, directing, outfits, and character creations, but for whatever reason I DESPISE the whole background/overlay process. It literally takes all of my motivation and any of the fun I find writing on this app away. Not to mention having all of the tabs open and editing software makes me computer hella slow. :upside_down_face: