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Hello again haha :slight_smile: Of course! What can I help you with?

Anything you can

  • Title: Rebound
  • Author: Maddie Harris
  • Genre: Romance
  • Art type: Title cover

**MC’s Details **

Skin colour: Copper 03

Hair: Short wavy Asymmetrical

Hair Colour: Brown Black

Eyes: Deepest Upturned wide

Eye colour: Hazel

Eyebrows: Arched Natural

Eyebrows colour: Deep Brown

Nose: Defined Natural

Mouth: Full round Pouty

Mouth colour: Deep Red

Face Shape: Square Defined

**Love Interest’s Details **

Skin Colour: Copper 07

Hair: Curly Mohawk

Hair colour: Dark Black

Eyes: Deepest Downturn

Eye colour: Black

Eyebrows: Straight Medium

Eyebrows colour: Dark Black

Nose: Generic

Mouth: Medium straight natural

Mouth colour: beige deep neutral

Face Shape: Male Generic

Both characters pics are below :point_down:t5:


Mc’s is flirt_liftchin_receive_shy

Love Interest’s is flirt_liftchin_give_rear

I will credit your work

Thank You so much :blush: :two_hearts:

Instagram @Maddie_Harris

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Hey! Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, I have been using instagram a lot more than episode forums. :slight_smile: If you have instagram would you be able to send me the screenshots of your characters and the background, it’s easier to work with it on there aha. If you don’t have instagram, that’f fine too. :slight_smile:

Np I will give you the details there. Plus I already followed you so it’s way easier.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi could i please request a cover?

I’m thinking if u could make a commision out of this girlScreenshot%20at%20Sep%2023%2022-25-23