Time For Some Fun!

Good morning/afternoon lovelies :heart:

We all have seen the super cool Hidden Gems shelf for these spectacular, underrated authors. I thought it would be tons of fun to see who you guys think should be on your Hidden Gems shelf :blush:

Under 1 million reads!

I’m not tagging anybody, but if you’d like to see someone else do it, then go ahead! you can do this at your free will! Please don’t feel offended if your story doesn’t make somebody’s list. I love many authors but I haven’t read a single one of some of their stories :sweat_smile:
Lastly, don’t steal.

Click down here for the template and example :point_down:



These are some of my favorite stories! I have tons more, I just couldn’t get them all in :heart:

Oh, and last but not least… NEVER underestimate your story.

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