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This is an outfit request shop. There are two outfit makers; Me ( @Sinammon ) & @Moon_dream

You will request using a format created by us.

Please be patient with request. And also give credit to the outfit creator! -

“Credit to outfit creator for the outfit!”


Style [INK OR LL]:
Number of outfits:
Female or Male:
Style or Era:


[1] @Weird0 (6 Female/Male Ink)
[2] @Danielle318 (15 +1 Female Ink)
[3] @urlocalepisodewriter (Female/Male LL)
[4] empty


[1] @Jadax
[2] @Bae37




could i have funeral outfits? female and male :slight_smile:

Style: Funeral
Female or Male: Both
Era: Somewhere in the 20th century?

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Ink or LL?

Hi pleaase could you make me a few ink outfits?
Female or Male: Female
Style: Trendy like outfits that you usually see people wear.

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Remember to credit, bump the shop! :relieved:

Hi, can I request 5 male LimeLight outfits?
Style [INK OR LL]: LL
Female or Male: FEMALE
Style or Era: FANCY

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I’d like to request!
Style [INK OR LL]: Ink
Number of outfits: 6
Female or Male: Both
Style or Era: Party

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Style [INK OR LL]: Ink
Number of outfits: 15
Female or Male: Female
Style or Era: Poor and Rich themed. Poor meaning poor lookin’!

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and the character is darker skinned and has an afro hairstyle(Natural curls)

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Additional Questions

•7 poor outfits ?
•8 rich outfits ?

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or you can make 8 each and bump it to 16. If you would like.

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Credit me @Sinammon! Bump the thread :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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@Bae37 you okay with these?

Yes, they are great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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LL please :slight_smile:

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Hey!!!Are you still up for requests???

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