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A small note below!

click me!

some of the people who requested before didn’t really get their edits because it got very hectic! i deeply apologize for that! ^^’

if you’d like to request again, feel free too!

another thing is that i probably won’t have time to finish every edit so there’s no guarantee for you to receive your edit :))

i won’t be going in a particular order either!

:black_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart:

if you would still like to request after all the conditions i’m honoured for you to be a model for one of my edits :pleading_face:

examples ^^


-your character details + a picture of your character

-i only edit a max of 1 character

-if you can add some images that would inspire me for your edit that would be great (not necessary tho!) OR you could write a few sentences on what you like

you are valid, you are loved!

:black_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart:

working on :writing_hand:: @Epi_rj ; @rachaelgrace ; @heart.creates ; @aria_writes ; @SofiaxD ; @KiimChi ; @episode_katherinee ; @miramiraonthewall ; @Celestial_Night


A thing i did of my bestiee

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NOT JOJO ITS JANINA :eyes::lips::eyes::lips::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips::eyes::lips:

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awe that’s cute! is that moonsbaby on insta perhaps? :eyes:
would you like me to recreate it? :thinking: :two_hearts:

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Hello @JoannaKRain! Wow! Your edits are AMAZING!!!

Here are my character details, feel free to choose whatever you think it’s right for the edit! You can even change the clothes and pose!


awe you’re too sweet i swear! :pleading_face: :purple_heart:
your character is gorgeous i’ll have fun editing! :star_struck: :two_hearts:

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I’m just being honest! Like holy cow! I love the shading you did for the edits! Hands down some of the best edits I’ve seen! :smiley:

PS: Do you have an Instagram by the way? I would love to follow you~ :see_no_evil: :butterfly:

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plss the amount of loveee i can’t handle it :sob::heartpulse:
yes i do! it’s the same username as here i’d love to follow you too :pleading_face: :purple_heart:

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source (1)

I’m so damn thankful that I found you today ahahahha! The level of talent is off the roof!

Omg thank you! My Instagram is also the same as my username, we really read each other’s mind ahhahaha :joy:

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aweee that’s adorable :sneezing_face: :heartpulse:

me too~ :star_struck: and please you’re too kind! :triumph:
haha we didd :joy: :two_hearts:


idea 1

obviously #quarantinefeels but if you use this idea, replace the coke with juiceboxes! I don’t drink coke lol :beverage_box:

idea 2

a cafe shop owner feel!

btw yo JOJO :star_struck:

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Characters card credit by IMAGINARY_THOUGHTS

Screenshot (767)

You could change any outfits and any pose you like :smiley:

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Hey! I would like a edit.

MicrosoftTeams-image (3)
change the hair into Long Down Wavy Princess Braid


Clothes: you can choose it but I want it purple or black

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Hey!! I would love an edit from such a talented person!! :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart:

Neutral 02
Arched natural (chestnut brown)
Sleek Ponytail (dirty blonde)
Female generic (dark brown)
Heart soft
Round button upturned
Full round pouty (Pink Peach Medium Matte)

I like popcorn & these kind of colors

So, anything u can come up w that kind of thing is awesome! I’d love if u could be rlly creative w this, because I don’t need anything too specific! Ur talent is :exploding_head:

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Yo. You’re talented af.

My details

Body: female soft body
Skin: neutral 03
Brows: high arch angled (dark brown)
Eyes: deepest downturns wide (brown black)
Face: defined square
Hair: layered wavy bob (brunette brown)
Nose: round broad downturned
Mouth: heart shaped pout (neutral medium nude matte)

I usually wear glasses and I have a scar on my cheek. I’m lazy so I just use scar cheek 04-07.
I’m also cool with any outfits, though I usually just stay in house clothes, pajamas, or sweatpants.

If you can do it that would be great!

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YO :star_struck::speak_no_evil:
these ideas are so good :triumph: :purple_heart:

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love your character! :pleading_face: :heartpulse:

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@Teja_6274 i wanted it know if i could use another background that’s purple or black as well? btw you picked my two favourite colours :sneezing_face: :heartpulse:
@aria_writes please you’re too kind! :pleading_face: i’m sure i’ll have a lot of fun editing! :purple_heart:
@everythingslayer your character is GORGEOUS pls- :triumph::two_hearts:
@heart.creates ahh your details cards are super inspiring! :star_struck: