Topics Surrounding Black People

I am doing something on my Instagram page where I do small discussion posts on black people, their history and culture. By me being an African American, my race of people are always falsely judged, stereotyped and etc because people simply do not know about our culture and history. So, if there are any topics that you think I should discuss and shed light on my Instagram page, comment them down below. I have a few topics on my page already, and if you’d like to see them, my IG is @brianam.stories.

Thank you in advanced!


I dont like the steriotypes around how africa is “poor” which is not true. Or the fact that people think if you are african you have to look a certain way and have an african acent.


I don’t like the stereotype that if a black person is successful then they must be involved in some illegal shit.


the stereotype that Black Women have to be strong is so harmful on so many levels! Black Women are so much more than that, and not all have to be the warriors that society excepts them to be. Black Women can be soft, Black Women can be nurturing, Black Women can be graceful. i hope this makes sense and isn’t worded improperly. i just know that this stereotype was pushed on my ex and it really hurt her


The fact that most Americans (including myself) was taught that most Africans were starving and living in dirt huts is honestly very sad and telling of our education system :grimacing:


I don’t like how people class Africa as a country when it’s a continent filled with seperate countries with their own culture language ect.


Yea, I agree. Sure, different parts do need a little more help but the school system does like to twist things up a bit and not expand on things as important as this.


Riightt!!! When I tell people that english is not my first language and that it is my third because I am african they are suprised because not many people understand that there are different parts of africa and most different languages do come from there.


Maybe this one is a bit controversial but I’d love more Black people to understand that we aren’t all monolith. There are Black people who will look at your like you have two heads if they find our you’re Republican, conservative, haven’t experienced racism, never use the N word, etc. This idea that all Black people experience the same life is what really messes us up. But Black folks like us are usually seen as sell outs, coons, Uncle Toms. Black people hate when everyone generalizes us but they’re the ones who do it the most when they see another Black person.

Another thing would also be that there is a difference between Black Americans, Caribbean, and African people. The cultures are literally different which means the way we view certain things will be different as well.


This! ^^^ I honestly have to say, I haven’t really experienced the “struggles” that black people are typically known to have. While I do understand the sentiment, I don’t really relate. When I hear other black people talk about what “we” have gone through it doesn’t register for me. I have never been a slave, I don’t know what that feels like. I don’t place my focus on people who don’t like me because I’m black, that’s their own personal issue not mine. I keep to myself most of the time anyways so I don’t allow myself to be worn down by how society views and treats black people. And that goes for the same within the black community. For instance, I’ve seen posts and heard things about how black men don’t like black women because of whatever stereotypical reason they have. And I see comments about how all up in arms the women are over it, but I don’t say anything about it because it has nothing to do with me.

Exactly! I feel the same way. I’ve never had anyone ask to touch my hair, never been followed in a store, and dare I say, I have not experienced racism and no one has ever called me the N word before. Whenever you tell other Black people this, they dismiss your experiences and say “well, you did, you probably just didn’t notice.” I think Black people, as a collective, suffer from learned helplessness. What kind of life do you live where you instantly think every single Black person on the planet has had the worst experiences here?

I also never use the N word myself and no one in my house does.

I date outside of my race, so those conversations about Black men and Black women are not my conversations to have, lol.

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Yeah, I’m not really attracted to black men anyways but that was just an example, lol

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I’m so sorry you’ve experienced that, people are super strange. Why do you feel comfortable going up to a stranger and touching them? And as far as being followed, that is just ridiculous. Those people don’t deserve your business anyway, glad you left.

I love that you don’t let where you came from stop you from where working towards where you’re trying to go. Everyone has the same opportunities in this life! I just wish more people would go after them instead of feeling defeated.