Topics That Readers Enjoy

So, I just made a story but I already feel bored of it and want to try a new one. I want to know from you guys…
What topics and genres do you all like to read?

I think it’s important to now what appeals to you! Thanks!

It truly depends on who you’re asking because everyone has different opinions. My personal favorites are fantasy and comedy. I loooooove it when they are mixed together.:star_struck::heart_eyes:

Thanks for your input

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Here, this might be easier to get an idea of what people like:

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Thriller/Horror
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Action/Adventure

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Oh thanks!

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When I first started writing I would make a bunch of short stories because I would get tired of them if they were too long. It actually helped me polish my directing skills without having to commit to a huge story and constantly having to revise.
I think the most important thing is writing about what you find interesting, because that passion does convey to readers.

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Thanks for the advice!!