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passwords, i couldn’t pick haha. raptors , 6ix or yonge-dundas

What you’re requesting: COVER
Type (Drawn/Edited): DRAWN
Size (Small/Large/Splash): LARGE
Style (Ink/LL): LL
Theme (reference colours, images, etc.): cutesy, intergalactic, loving. it is for my LDR entry. <33

Non-existent dating app name< is the app to find love, they say. Yet, you had no luck thus far. But when there is a new secret update, you end up finding your soulmate and so much more.

This new update basically brings every living species together in one dating app. However, the human users (incl. the MC) do not know that this happened, but when she meets her true love and want to meet them, the truth unravels itself and she finds herself being in love with someone VERY FAR away living on another planet.

Number of Characters: 1
Character Deets:

Body: Female Soft Body (Neutral 05)
Brows: Arched Short (Black Dark)
Hair: Voluminous Curs (Green Mint)
Eyes: Heavy Lid Upturned (Brown Pale)
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Button Wide
Lips: Full Round Pouty (Neutral Medium Nude Matte)
Scar: Scar Across Nose (08-10)

My mc looks like this:


if possible i would like something like this cozy light purple sweater:

if it is not possible here are some LL outfit details:
Shirt: Tied Waist Button Up Top Pattern Tropical
Pants: Flared Leg Belted Slacks Polyester Grey Black
Shoes: Chunky Tread Ankle Boots Leather White

Pose idea if possible otherwise you have creative freedom

to look like she is β€˜hugging’ her phone like this:

however, i do NOT want her to smile but have an β€˜empty’ expression like this:

and then to bring in another aspect of the story

i would love for some different looking planets floating around her like this:

Story Name: Love Beyond Infinity
Author Name: Saol
Artist: @melaniesmall if she wants to take up the challenge haha!

(i fully understand if you don’t want to take up the challenge <33. no hard feelings then!)

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It’s up to our artist on who would take it but it’s also a good idea to maybe @ you preferred one so they can automatically be alerted

Please note: that Versearrow has a extremely long waiting list if you are interested in her so it will take a while.

alright, is it okay if i @ multiple people in it? or should i @ one person in specific?

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I’d probably do only one person so it doesn’t get confusing

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thank you for your help, i added @/melaniesmall to my request <3

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Do u have a deadlineΒΏ

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mhm, it is for my ldr entry so if possible the 13th of november. does that work for you as an ultimate deadline?




Hey @melaniesmall random question but do you do custom poses?

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Would you do one with one or 2 people?

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Any is fine

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Custom pose request:

Character deets:


The skirt outfit is Krystals

I’d like Krystal to be the one with her eyes open
Other elements: None
Artist: @melaniesmall

raptors , 6ix or yonge-dundas

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Alri! So u want kyrstal eyes open and the other one close? Also do u want full body, half body etc??

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Yes Krystal to be the girl with her eyes open and full body if that’s alright, if not then half

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Hi! I have no hurry so could you please tag me when you take requests again! :yellow_heart:

Your art is beautiful


You will be retagged :heart::maple_leaf:



hi! i have a question, are uu allowed to request 2 things from different people, like if you wanted a splash from one person, and a cover from a different person? :pleading_face:

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