TOS: One Suggestion to Add to Improve Episode TOS

This is just one suggestion of many I think should be added. In our TOS, this isn’t touched upon at all, and that’s using real humans/photos of real humans as a cover/overlay or whatever.

Having real photos of objects or even animals should be fine. But images of real humans, noncommercial images or not, should be against Episode TOS.

  • Detailed photos of real people either taken by you or found online cannot be uploaded to the portal for use as any type of cover, background or overlay. Exceptions would be small aspects of a human, like a hand, an eye, extreme close-ups, but any MORE than that would be a violation of these terms.

@writingspirit said: Pictures that are like close-ups of a real hand or real eyes I think are acceptable, but whole real life human faces, details and all? That has to be a violation.

Real images of real humans shouldn’t be on the app…>.> What do ya’ll think?


But most backgrounds are real pictures.
How about just pictures WITH people?

How do you justify cutting off non-commercial images?

I mean, I luv u and all, but this doesn’t make sense to me, since we have bigger problems

No, pictures with humans in them

Non commercial or not

but why?

They have this in their guidelines:

  • Real People and Places
    • No celebrity images or illustrated likenesses are allowed on backgrounds, overlays or story cards.
    • References to celebrities are allowed in stories, e.g.,: “Taylor Swift is my favorite singer.”
    • Celebrities may NOT appear as characters.
    • Celebrities cannot be a plot point or drive the story.’

But they only explicitly warn against the use of celebrities. Interesting.


Pictures that are like close-ups of a real hand or real eyes I think are acceptable, but whole real life human faces, details and all? That has to be a violation.


Because real people shouldn’t be plastered on the app all publically ^^

Exactly, but there’s Episode stories with images of real people that aren’t recognizable, but it shouldn’t be real people


Yeah, this ^^ Much better

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Right, real pictures are fine, should be allowed, but images with real people in them, there’s something sickening about that >.>

Maybe I been on the dark web too much, idk Real faces shouldn’t be allowed ^^’


If photo is intended for use, like pics on pixabay and that stuff, people know what they sign up to.

Well. Now that I think about it, Episode can’t really tell which pics are allowed and which aren’t. So I guess, to avoid this stuff they could cut all humans. Yep. I convinced myself just now.



Love you so much, Cookie ^^’

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I know on Deviantart, regarding people who post pictures of themselves with some basic covering for pose stock, they often hate having people use them for gore, erotica, etc. and will state not to do so explicitly in their rules.


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It seems to me that to use a picture of a real person you would need written consent from them to avoid a potential lawsuit. Makes sense to block them.

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Right. It shouldn’t be allowed. Using images of real people. That’s a real issue, not…sharing characters among each other LOLOLOLOLOL - but whatever Episode, do you X’DDDDDDDDD