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What is Total Control?
Total Control is the status you obtain at the very end of the story line. A country with 9 high schools dwell in indifference. They are made somewhat territorial, allies and enemies. In history, peace wasn’t obtained until after a raging war occured and it’s looking like the same must happen with these schools. At the end, only one school will bring about unity and achieve total control!


  1. Total Control: Rise Mean_girls_A9_posterImage_DLmeVWNpHt

TC: Rise is the first installment in the timeline. Although set in the future of Blood Mist, it tells about the events leading up to that period.

Story link

Story features
  • Limited CC
  • Quiz mini games
  • Music & song writing / lyrics
  • Real world issues prominent in school systems (drug abuse, fighting, sex, etc)
More details

All the main characters are assembled on stage in an interview by the reporter of Top Trending Today. Following world wide success of the musicians Shinee, Cassie, Korey and Xavier, the local automotive expert Kern, and two close friends Cassia and Arianna, they are questioned about their lives befoe the creation of Blood Mist.

You are sent back in time to witness the problems plaguing their school, Scarborough Secondary, located on the beautiful island of Tobago. These problems range from constant fighting, drug abuse and sexual misconduct.

Disgusted by this, Shinee and her team sort out to find the root of the school’s problems and rectify them within the time they are enrolled there. They eventually discover the cause behind most of these issues and were able to pin point the school’s terror personality, Sonia.

The older cousin of Veronica. Known to be very aggressive and threatening. In a particular scene she is seen by Shinee and Cassia in the bathroom performing a sexual act with a male student with the help of a member of her entourage. She is also discovered to be the one dealing drugs in school supplied by her boyfriend who also sells to students of Light & Life.

Other issues include bullying, disrespect towards teachers and other students and a drastic decline in the quality of education.

Shinee and her team had to devise a way to make students listen to what they had to say. They discover the best way, as students themselves, is through music. Shinee and Korey being fairly skilled in rap, Cassie having some experience in pop/r&b and an instrumentalist pro Xavy, they fashioned a group and started working on a song that would captivate their schoolmates.

Getting such a gig wouldn’t be easy and so Shinee had to find a way to convince the school’s principal to give them an opportunity to prove themselves. With help from the teachers and a very interested librarian they landed a gig during school assembly on Friday mornings.

Performing 8am In Sec, they were able to motivate and inspire.


This learning institute used to be among the top three now it resides at the bottom of the list regarded as a class D.
A lot of us are like ticking time bombs ready to explode for every insignificant rumor that’s been told.
But I’m here to tell you there’s a better way to deal with all this pressure forced on us everyday.
And I know this might be a little strange coming from someone your age but we absolutely have to be willing to make a change.

The creation of Blood Mist
The group Blood Mist was created jointly by Shinee, Cassia, Arianna and Asha. Shinee wanted to develop a sisterhood group that would be by the students, for the the students. The group would be made up of various former group leaders.

  • Asha - head of The Red Dragon
  • Veronica - head of Bow & Arrow
  • Cindy - head of The Pink Diamond
  • Donny - head of The Graveyard Sqaud

There is also a boys side of Blood Mist created to ensure the girls safety against other male students which is headed by Korey and Donny.

The group was made to be somewhat authoritarian but still expressed compassion and taught students proper conduct whilst also rasing the quality of education by making learning exciting. Before long many others wanted to join Blood Mist expanding it’s influence and creating new authority figures. Some such responsibilities in the group include:

  • Head of security
  • Informations and events manager
  • Head of Cadets
  • Internal affairs personnel
    and others.

The group was eventually broken up into 2 sections which were each given sub categories.

Section 1: Ranked officers
2 categories - high ranked / low ranked

Section 2: Cadets
2 categories - Upper class cadets / regular cadets

Ranked officers mainly consisted of former group leaders or those that hold other valuable skills or some sort of importance. Cadets are those that join the group afterwards.

A Code of Conduct was written by Shinee and Arianna that all members must follow while enrolled in the group. This can be seen in chapter 1 of Blood Mist

TC: Rise status
Chapter 1-3 completed.
Chapter 4 - Establishment (3 episodes)
Coming soon!

  1. Total Control: Blood Mist

TC: Blood Mist is the second installment and is identified as the main story that others of the same title will be based off of. All the events of Blood Mist will be depicted here. From the war and reconciliation between 9 schools to domestic issues being settled.

Story link

Story features
  • Mini games
  • Real world stories of life’s struggles
  • Schools based off real life institutes and their uniforms
  • Music & song writing / lyrics (rap, pop & R&B)
  • A dynamic map system to explore
  • A progressive fight system
  • A progressive rank system to climb
  • Easter eggs to find
  • Double perspective story line which will tie multiple stories together
  • Dynamic CC
  • Impactful choices
More details

Total Control: Blood Mist is a highly controversial title that touches delicate subject matters dealing with young black / west indian students and others, experience on a day to day bases. Such include:
Home life

  • Parental / domestic abuse
  • Poverty

School life

  • Peer pressure
  • Bullying
  • Verbal / mental abuse


  • Social indifference
  • Racialism
  • Religious indifference

This story, being brutally on point with most black / west indian cultures teaches students how to better themselves through skills and education.

Partly a musical!
I wanted to add an extra layer of uniqueness to this story title by including song writing and performances for some of the MCs. Shinee, Korey and Cassie are vocal musicians and Xavier is an instrumentalist. Together they write and produce relatable rap / pop songs that captivate the student population and ultimately the entire country.

Chapter analysis

Chapter 1 - Ranks

In Chapter one you are first given a limited dialog intro scene depicting what you’re about to get into. You’re then introduced to the map interface. This is a fun feature that allows you to visit different open locations throughout the story.

Map system
As you progress through the story you unlock more locations. These include:

  • 3 different zones
  • 9 school locations
  • Hair salons
  • Clothing stores
  • Eyewear clinic
  • Party / event locations
  • Mission based locations
  • Your house
  • Other hidden / easter egg locations


You’re then introduced to Blood Mist musicians prepping for a stage performance. Korey & Shinee take center stage and perform thier written song, Improved. (lyrics coming soon)

You are then introduced to the Blood Mist group. Meetings are held in the school’s library.

An audience for school leader of Bishops, Brianna, is requested by Shinee to discuss an alliance between the schools following the discovery of a serious threat from another nearby school.

They discover that this school has done something horrific to one of their schoolmates.


TC: Blood Mist status
Season 1 completed.
Season 2 chapter 1 coming soon!

There will be a total of 9 chapters in season 2.


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