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Total Drama Island

Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa, where you will be staying for several weeks, if you’re lucky enough not to be voted out, in hopes of winning the hundred thousand dollar grand prize! You were all told that you would be staying at a five-star resort, but clearly, that isn’t the case as the cabins are run down and your meals consist of gruel and often times are somehow alive. Now that you are here though, you might as well try to win. The challenges are often times disgusting or fear-inducing, but the winning team gets a prize and the losing team votes off one of their own at the campfire ceremony every three days. The member who does not receive a marshmallow must walk off the dock of shame and onto the boat of losers to go home and never return.

I basically explained everything above! If you haven’t noticed, this roleplay is based on the show, Total Drama Island. (Which is great and if you haven’t watched it, you should) The campfire ceremony is generally every three days in the roleplay although it depends on the challenge. Each day in the roleplay will equal two days in real life. The new day will generally start from 6-8 AM EST. There will be two cabins, one for each team. Each cabin will have two rooms with bunk beds, one for the girls and one for the boys. There are communal bathrooms which all genders use. There is an outhouse in which the campers can reveal their innermost thoughts. (It is mostly used as a confessional but it can be used as a bathroom as well) After a certain amount of campers are eliminated, the teams will merge. The sign-ups are closed, but if you have not joined and really want to, you may PM me with a sign-up for a character and I may add a twist and bring your character into the roleplay. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask below!

-Turn notifications on for this thread!
-If your character is approachable, make them approach another approachable character, don’t just wait!
-Do not control characters that aren’t your own without permission of the owner of the character(s)!
-Do not make your characters perfect!
-Please be active!
-Sex is allowed, but obviously no graphic details!
-If you are not writing in character, write OOC (Out of Character) or ORP. (Out of Roleplay)
-Once your character is voted off, you may not roleplay with them anymore. If you really want to roleplay with them again, PM me and I might make a twist and bring your character back into the roleplay.
-If you are inactive for four days in real life without telling me before hand, your characters will go up for adoption.
-This is not a rule, but unless your character really wants to vote off a specific character and has a good reason to, try to vote out characters that are not active first!

-You are not allowed to bring any electronic devices into the game and if you do, they will be confiscated. (Unless you have a really good lawyer that makes the producers change the rules only for you, but I would rather that now apply to anybody, at the most one character)
-You are not alllowed to bring anything else with you from the outside world (like board games or books) except for clothing and toileteries. (Straightening and curling irons are allowed)

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You may start just after your characters have just arrived to the camp and are introduced. Keep in mind that they thought they were signing up for a place with a five star hotel which is not the case! Please do not make your character wander off because Chris McLean will announce the teams soon. (They are currently on the dock of shame)

Total Drama Island - RP - Sign-Ups


I crossed my arms, looking around at this ugly camp. I did not sign up for this! I signed up for a five-star hotel, which is what I need and deserve. I rolled my eyes, looking at the campers. They’re mostly ugly. Hmm, there’s a few guys and girls that are hot though. And there’s some that look dumb enough to keep around so I could manipulate them. I uncrossed my arms, trying to look approachable and trying to see who would want to talk to me.
OOC: Approachable!


I frowned slightly, I was really excited that I was going to a five-star hotel. I had never been to one before, usually, just crappy two-star hotels and maybe three-star hotels if we could afford it. I guess now that I’m here I might as well compete for the money to win the hundred thousand. My family could really use it. I wasn’t sure how long I would last here though, I wasn’t a great strategist but I would just try my best in competitions and try to be friendly with everyone.
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I walked away from Rio, not wanting to be associated with him. I knew it was bound to happen since we were identical twins. I looked at the camp, a part of me actually being happy this was at some summer camp since it reminded me of summers as a child. I awkwardly looked at my shoes, not knowing what to do and just wanting to get settled in.
OOC: Approachable!


I didn’t really care that we were at a summer camp instead of a five-star hotel. Sure, it would be nice to be in a five-star hotel. But these chicks at the camp are hot. I smirked, knowing I could get into at least one of their pants this season. I decided that talking to them was obviously a good first step, so I made my way up to one of the girls and grinned. “I thought I’d come up to you to tell you how beautiful you are.” I winked. “I’m Rio. Rio Eissler.”
OOC: Any girl can be who he approached!



Dude, this isn’t a five star resort. I frowned, taking in the camp once more. I expected a rich and fun experience after my days of doing nothing after graduating, but instead I get false advertising. Still, I don’t want something a little unexpected to get me down – a frown wasn’t going to charm anybody, and I needed a lot of it if I wanted to take back the hundred thousand.

Instead, I took a look around at my fellow contestants. This is my competition. It might not be easy, but I think I have this in the bag so long as I’m confident and don’t falter.
ORP: Approachable!


She pressed a finger to her lips as her eyes traveled across the camp that was, evidently, not a five star resort – or really a resort at all. This was only minuscule information, though. Her mind was already racing with tons of ideas on how to use her environment to her advantage. The landscape offered countless opportunities to try different kinds of inventions that would hopefully impress and strike the viewers and her fellow camp mates.

"I thought I’d come up to you to tell you how beautiful you are.” Just as she was looking around, she heard a voice speak up – a deeper, male one. It didn’t sound like one of the voices in her head, so she turned around to face the person that spoke. “I’m Rio. Rio Eissler.”

“Bonnie,” is all she offered as a response. After some thought, she added, “your face also consists of a few pleasant features.”


It wasn’t a five star resort, but it also didn’t look like anything he wasn’t used to. The camp looked a lot more like home would, and he felt a small sense of relief knowing he wouldn’t be too far out of his comfort zone. He isn’t going to let anything surprising get to him no matter what. He needs this money for his family.
ORP: Approachable!

ORP: I wonder if it’s okay that Brendan is in first person while the others aren’t?



I thought I was kidnapped at first. But it turns out I was scammed!!! Urgh! Chris lied to me! I’m going to sue him because my hair was fizzy and my lipstick was smudged! We’ll at least Rio is sorta hot, not gonna lie.
“Oh, thank you!”, I told Rio. “I’m Anna, by the way.”
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Oh my god. This is an actual scam! Oh well, I expected it as the contract looks kinda sketchy, but hey, at least I get to be on TV! “I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous!”. I sang. The boys are friendly and the girls are hot too! So I greeted one by one…
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~ Fern ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well . . . this wasn’t what I was expecting. Where’s the buffet? The hotel several stories high? Am I even in the right location? Fern turns around to see his boat leaving. Crap Better get started, “DOES ANYONE WANT TO FORM AN ALLIANCE?”

orp : anyone can reply

~ Omar ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Omar walks up to easily the prettiest girl around, and chuckles, “I can be your 5 - Star hotel if you want.” Omar sarcastically says, “Because let’s be real, this crappy island is not the 5 - Star hotel I was looking for.” nailed the pick up line.

ORP : @kitty4322 , Mirabelle


“Sure! I definitely would to be in an alliance!”, I told Fern.

“Hey…”, I told Augustin.


~ Fern ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Awesome.” That was easy. Fern walks up to the girl, "I’m Fern, it’s short for Fernaigians. J.K. it’s short for Fernando. " Fern smiles, “What’s your name? And, should we invite more people into our alliance.” Fern didn’t realize this person could be on the opposite team.



I chuckled, her response quite unusual. “Why thank you. “So, why did you come on this show?” I asked her.


OOC: Bonnie already approached Rio. Also, was Augustin singing I wanna be famous a reference to the theme song of the show? :joy:



An alliance, huh? I chuckled upon hearing it, not that I was opposed to the idea. I was thinking of us as competitors, but I forgot we have to be a team, too. An alliance wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

“I’m in,” I say, shooting a grin at the man that suggested it. “But, shouldn’t we wait for the teams to be announced first?”



I looked at the girl who had jut shouted out if anyone wanted to start an alliance, observing who came up to her and keeping that in mind. It was really dumb of her to ask if anyone wanted an alliance out loud, now I knew I had to target her first because she could just be a threat and it would not be good if she had the numbers on her side. I would need some numbers of my own. Perfect. I thought when the guy approached me. Laughing at what he said, I introduced myself. “You may have already heard Chris introduce me, but I’m Mirabelle.”



“I’m advertising my business,” she replied. “It doesn’t exist yet.”

Something about her expression changed as she spoke about it, although it wasn’t obvious what. Even though it didn’t really match up with what she said, she seemed determined somehow,


~ Omar ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I did, but his introduction was ‘blablabla, done, okay, move on to the next person’. I much rather learn about you through a conversation. I’m Omar, encase you weren’t listening to Chris.” Omar tilts his head, bowing a bit. “What brought you to the show Mirabelle, are you looking forward to being on camera, 24-7?”


John Crawford

I tried my best to hold back tears as I looked at the pathetic little cabins around me. Would I really be living here from now on?! I couldn’t believe it! And the people here were even more pathetic (if that was even possible)! They all looked like they lived at the thrift store! I let out a big, devestated groan and looked over at my sister, Jessica, who - much to my dismay - was smiling.
“How can you actually find this situation thrilling, Jess?” I asked, not really wanting an answer. She had always been like this - too interested in poor people’s lives for her own good. Sometimes I even wondered if she was, in fact, a real Crawford. Sure didn’t seem like it.

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Jessica Crawford

I rolled my eyes at my brother’s stupid complaining. He was such a drama queen sometimes. Sure, this place was very different to our penthouse apartment back home, but didn’t he see how exciting this was? I was sure adventure was just around the corner - we just couldn’t see it yet! And we sure wouldn’t find it just standing here.
“Whatever, John, I’m going to try to talk to these people - stand here and sulk all you want!” I told my brother, who just answered me by rolling his eyes. Typical John. I couldn’t be picky when it came to choosing someone to talk to, I thought to myself, no one here would be on my level of class and sophistication anyway. The first person I saw was a girl with long, black, hair, who didn’t seem to be up to anything in particular. Perfect.
“Hi there, I’m Jessica - Jessica Crawford!” I greeted the stranger with a big smile on my lips, something quite unusual to me.

OOC: @kitty4322 (Esme)


I walk around, taking in my surroundings and observing people as I look around. I notice how their eyes dart around and size people up. I chuckle to myself, realizing that everyone is in a predator/prey situation. One wrong move means sudden death.

(OOC) Approchable



I walk in, sighing slightly. ‘Summer Camp? Really? Why did I think this was a good idea?’ I thought to myself, making sure to keep my posture straight and head up so I came off as confident. I’m not afriad of the competition- I enjoy it honestly.

(OOC) Approchable!



“Your business? What’s that?” I asked with a small sigh. This girl was getting boring.


I shrugged. “I don’t really know, I guess just to compete and win. It sounded like an experience. What about you? And sure, I don’t really care about being recorded.”


I smiled at the girl who approached me, she was pretty. “Hi! My name is Esmeralda, but you can call me Esme. How are you?”

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“I’m Anna.”, said Anatasia. “It’s okay if you are on the opposite team, I’m sure we’ll merge soon!”, assured Anna.


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