Total Drama Island - RP - Official Thread


I walked into the main lodge to eat some food. I didn’t want to eat the terrible food but I had to because I had to eat something. As I ate I looked around the room watching what people were doing.

ORP: Drew, Bonnie, and Jessica are all at the main lodge also. And they are all Approachable.


ORP: I was at the lodge, I’m still approchable :frowning:



“Hey Bella.” I said, grinning. I stuck out my hand. “I’m Dakota. How are you getting along here?” I asked her.



ORP : I will approach people asap. Pinky Promise.


– Nolan –

He heard Chris’ voice through his megaphone, calling everyone for dinner, and let out a small groan. He wasn’t expecting anything good, as per usual. He slowly walked into the lodge, got some ‘dinner’, and took a seat at his table.


Nolan is not approachable right now, since I’m not going to be very active for the next couple of days (as you may know).


“Well, Its been kinda boring… But its ok.” I said. “Just getting to know nature you know?” I laughed, I shook her hand.


~ Omar ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Omar sits down next to someone, “Hey, how are you today?”

ORP : Your choice @Littlefeets


~ Donovan ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Donovan sits down next to someone, “Challenge number four, you excited?”

ORP : Your choice @FreakyEvilMargs


I was forcing myself to eat the food, despite how gross it was, because I was starving and needed to have nourishment for future challenges, when a guy on my team suddenly sat down next to me. He asked how I was doing today. In between mouthfuls of food I said, “Fine. Just starving. What about you?”



I laughed. “Same here. Have you got to know anyone here?”



“Well, Chasity, and lots of people.” I replied.
“B-But mostly Rain…” I blushed.


I yawned a bit cause of the long morning. I looked outside to the big morning sky.
I wish I could have some parents around… But no. What if Bella wants to move in with me like the time she said we could…


ORP: I’ve been a bit inactive because i’ve been playing ROBLOX. Lmao.



“Rain?” I said raising an eyebrow. “Who’s Rain? Is he…” I saw her blushing. “Eeeeeeeee!” I squealed. “Fill me in on EVERYTHING.”



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ORP: Same…except I have robux. (I asked my dad when I was little…I begged)


Claire ~ Jumping Beavers

I take a look at the boy who just sat next to me: “Yeah, pretty excited. I hope it’s good.”



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