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Total Drama Island - RP

Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa, where you will be staying for several weeks, if you’re lucky enough not to be voted out, in hopes of winning the hundred thousand dollar grand prize! You were all told that you would be staying at a five-star resort, but clearly, that isn’t the case as the cabins are run down and your meals consist of gruel and often times are somehow alive. Now that you are here though, you might as well try to win. The challenges are often times disgusting or fear-inducing, but the winning team gets a prize and the losing team votes off one of their own at the campfire ceremony every three days.

I basically explained everything above! The campfire ceremony is generally every three days although it depends on the challenge. I am not sure how many days in real life will be one day in the roleplay, but I think I will let all of you decide. You must make at least one male and one female character (or you can have other genders but don’t make two of the same gender) but if you want you can have up to four characters. (If you have four, you can not make three of the same gender) The sign-ups will close once the roleplay starts, but for now, there isn’t a limit as to how many people can join, but please reserve so I don’t start the roleplay without you. This roleplay won’t start until Friday of this week or later if some of you need to turn in your forms. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask below!

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oooh! Reserve please!!!am I the first? Yes I have been waiting for this!!


reserve for four :3 (yes, 2 females 2 male)






Reserve for one!!!


Could you make two characters? I would like to have the numbers even to start with. If someone makes three characters you can make one though.


I signed up for both my male and female characters.




Reserve! Can I only have one character or do I need one boy and one girl?


I would prefer if everyone made at least two characters but if the numbers are odd you can make one character. (So if there’s like 20 characters I’d prefer if you made two, but if there’s 21 you can make one.


I just did two!




Reserve for one male and one female!


Heh, I signd up two characters, one male, one female. It’s gonna be great to be in one of your roleplays again! :slight_smile:


I’ll reserve for two then!


Reserve for two!


I forgot to add a last name to Hazel, sry about that. her full name is Hazel Slade



It’s alright, and thanks!


A bunch of other people did not add a last name to their character, could you please tell me here or through PM?