Total Reads Number Going Down :(


I don’t know if I’m the only one who experiences this, but sometimes the total number of reads go down for me. I don’t know and understand why that’s happening, but that’s very discouraging. By the total number of reads going down, it seems like I’ll never get to 500k reads quicker in 60 days. Can someone tell me why that’s happening?


That’s weird

But I’d love to read ur story! :blush:


Numbers of reads shouldn’t be going down… but only up.
Do you mean ranks by any chance? :thinking:


Moved to Mobile App Bug as this appears to be an issue with the app. I’d suggest submitting a ticket
and asking the support team for help. :wink:


This isn’t an issue on the app, it’s an issue on the portal.


Okay! The name of my story is called Sophisticated & Deceived :slight_smile:


No. In the Payments section, it shows the total number of reads across all of your stories.


It goes down because it doesn’t count the reads that you get before the 60 days :slight_smile:️ it goes down for me too, and I think that for everyone else


That’s crazy. They making us hard for author to REACH 500k reads. I think it’s crazy how Episode does certain things.