Totally Free services

Open again!


I decided to connect and help people.
You can ask for any services listed below!

  • Desired Backgrounds (providing description on what your art bg ’s will include)
    *Editing (cutting out things/making overlays) BG.
    *Desired Overlays
    *Outfit Ideas
  • All you have to do is DM me.
    -I’ll try and help as many people as I can.
    -Be kind and remember, patience is a virtue

Stay connected with me for more updates and free bg.

Free Backgrounds


Can u make some scifi/futuristic city’s

Yup! I might have something for you in the store. Can you describe more of what your background must include?

omg perfect timing could you turn the tree in the image below into a willow tree.
could you also make the tree an overlay and the front part of the leaves of the willow tree into an overlay too.
i hope im not asking for too much:

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working on it!!

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thank you so much :black_heart:

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Just a city but with more technology and flying cars in the back and if possible the overlays for flying cars


Can u make something like this

It will be really helpful if you can describe me more precisely what you are looking for. I mean, more emphasis on what it should include.

Like the door above but it should be black and blue and the sliding door overlay and u can add a keypad on the side too

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Alright. Ill require some time since I have my hand full of work. Don’t worry though.

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omg omg omg this is perfect thank you so much :weary::white_heart:

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Aww! I’m glad I could be of some use. :blob_hearts:

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