Touch screen effect?

Alright, so i’m pretty new to the episode scene and recently i’ve read stories that allow the readers to touch the screen in order for something to happen.

For example, in Body Tangle by Jalen.
There is a scene where a group of people play spin the bottle, but for the reader we actually had to press our screen to spin the bottle.
In Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni.
There was also a scene where the reader had to actually click on the numbers of a touch pad to access something.

It wasn’t a choice labeled “Spin the bottle”
We actually had to press the bottle overlay.

I was just wondering as to how this effect works, if anyone has any clue about this.

Thank you!


i was wondering that

Tappable overlays. It’s still technically in beta testing, so all the coding for it may be subject to change, but a lot of people are publishing with it anyway

So I came up with an idea, while I was reading a story the author put the speech bubble too high, and I didn’t know a speech bubble was there, I wasn’t able to continue until I tapped the screen though. So why not put a speechbubble that cannot be seen in your story and tell the readers to tap? Hope this helped babe :heart:

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You’re a genius, totally would’ve never thought of that!


I know, I know :smirk:

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I think it’s still in beta but I have seen someone explaining I think it’s like this :slight_smile:

tappable “NAME OF OVERLAY” {

#What you want to happen, your script

} “Overlay name”{
#What you want to happen, your script


But I’m not sure bc I haven’t tried it yet,

Even so I hope it helps :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart: