Touch ups for my release eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

yeah and thank youuu :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :orange_heart:

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congrats on almost being ready !!!

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Woo tag me when it’s out!

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Wow, congrats on making it this far! I’m not sure what I would be able to help you with, but good luck with the final steps! :blob_sun:

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So happy i could help you, also can’t wait for your story, my guts are telling me it’s gonna be great and they are never wrong!
All on board the hype train!

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Hey Congrats on your story, tag me when it comes out, I can’t wait to read it!
What kind of overlays and outfits do you need, I can probably help with that.
And as for the art, check out Epi Lair, you can get art from here:

Link to the Epi Lair Art Shop

✨ Epi Lair Art Shop ✨ Open! If you requested art from us and never got it pls dm me!


Hey girl! I’m so happy yyou’re gonna release your story soon! <3

If you want outfits, you can request at Theés boutique!

We have a group of very talented stylists! <3


Congrats hun, @Zoya_Fatima!! You’re almost ready! :grin: :grin: Excited to read your story! Tag me when you’ve published your story! :heart: :heart:

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I wish I could help you with some art stuff, but currently I have about 13 request to finish, so I can’t, I’m sorry.

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aww this means really so much to me
:pleading_face: :heart: :two_hearts:
thank youu

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@marcosimp @xgeorgia @maiarose @StxrStruck @IvyM92 @Vanessa.h_storys

Thank you so much you guys I am so excited for you guys to read my story :pleading_face: :heart: :kissing_closed_eyes:

also i edited the the topic and added point 8 so maybe look at that?


Hey thank you so much and i am excited for you to read it

so for overlays i need some good car overlays and a car interior like the front seat overlay (or bg whatever it is) and also blacket overlay (for bed and sofa both )
i also need you to give me ideas on what else i can do to add more overlay things in my story cause you know readers like it (especially tappable ones)
i am definetly gonna check it out , thanks lovely :kissing_closed_eyes: :heart:

Hey, hun, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :blob_hearts: :kissing_heart: :partying_face: :party_time: I can’t imagine how much this must mean to you, if you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to check out my art shop! :relaxed:

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thankyou for the tag
and CONGRATS for your upcoming story
and… I think I can’t help you with anything…hehe
but still if you want anything then find me here in or in ig @tessa_writez
I will be glad to help!!

And accoring to me you will take atleast 2 weeks or 3 to publish your story as per you dont have a cover yet, not done with zoom,sound,music,splashes and all bcz its the main …sorry i am i I am being straight or rude hehe

and remember one thing Dont loose hope if u dont get reads at first bcz its not easy to get reads at first.
Safe journey!!


Hey @Zoya_Fatima, I found some of the things you need I think!

Tappable Food Overlayzzz

download (4) ice cream images (2)

Overlays with tappable overlays



Blanket overlays

Credit for the drive: Amberose

My blanket edits

download (4)
images (2)

Car overlays/bg

Here’s one:

And Episode has one in the art catalog, it looks like this:

Also I'm sure you know how to code tappable overlays but in case you don't:

Hope this helps, lmk if you need anything else :grin:


oh my god april :sob: :sob: :sob:
this is amazing , i can’t thank you enough thank you so mucchhh :heart: :heart: :heart:
i’ll make sure to credit you do tell me your source to credit


thank you so much it means the world , will definetly do

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thank you so much for this T
you aren’t rude at all , i think you are perfectly right
:heart: :heart:


My forums name is fine: @april_episode


im always so late when u tag me ):