Towel Wrap for Character

I’m creating a bath scene in my episode story, and want my character to wear a towel wrap. I’ve created a new outfit specifically for this, though when I put the towel wrap on, you can still see my character’s hair. How can I make it so that the character’s hair seems tucked into the towel? Thank you!

Give her a short hairstyle like a fade, you don’t need to change the character forever just do this;
@CHAR changes into CHAR_towel wrap (or whatever you called it)
@CHAR changes hair into Short Curly Fade (or whatever hairstyle you want)

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Thank you! Sorry for the basic question - I’ve never created a story before.

It’s ok that’s how we learn

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Is there a way to change my character’s lip color as well?

For just that scene?


I think it can work the same, I know you can do a lipstick customization template so the reader can choose their own lipstick.

Is there any way to change it to a certain lip color as I did with the hairstyle? Say Blush, Ruby Red, etc.?

Trying to work it out on my portal page, but there is a error saying it is not a valid directing command, I will keep at it. I know you can do it for hair colour. I just haven’t tried it for lips.

I meant to ask, are you using ink or limelight?

I’m using ink, thank you.

Ok well forget about that hairstyle I suggested, basically just find a short hairstyle in ink!

Yes, the Buzzed Hair worked well!

I solved the lip colour!!
@CHAR changes mouthColor into LipColorName (this is where you would type the name of the color)

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Just remember to change it back to the colour you had on before the change, and it is the same code

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:clap:t3: Thank you!!!

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I’ve added both directing commands recommended, however my story has character customization. I would like to change the character’s hairstyle back to the one previously chosen. How can I do this?

@CHAR changes lipColor into Lip Color

(that’s the code for LL)

you can’t really change it back without doing a TON of extra work, but you can add another hair customization after so the reader can choose their hairstyle again

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