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Inspired by the webtoon by SIU…

Tower of God

//I never fear death or dying
I only fear never trying
I am whatever I am
only God can touch me now//
-we own it, wiz khalifa/2chainz

This is fame. This is wealth. This is power. This is glory. This is reaching the top. This is losing it all. This is friendship. This is enemies. This is trust. This is betrayal. This is love. This is death. This is the Tower of God.

Maybe you’ve been training for this all your life. Maybe you got sent in by your family. Maybe you just heard about it and decided to try your luck. Maybe you are human. Maybe you are something more. Whoever you are, you all have one thing in common. There is something you want more than anything else in the world at the top of that tower.

Whatever the case, you made it through the barrier into the Tower of God, meaning that the Tower deemed you worthy of trying your luck to go up. At the top of the Tower, legend has it that you will find whatever you desire the most and the power of a million gods. But be warned- it is far from easy. Countless have given up at a certain floor and found themselves stuck in jobs catering food to or cleaning up the aftermath of that floor’s test over and over until their death. Even more have been killed by the Trials.

Each floor comes with its own unique Trial. Some are individual Trials, and others are team Trials, meaning you should probably find a way to make sure your team trusts you and you trust them, lest you want to be betrayed by those seeking their own gain over the good of their team.

The first few floors will be easy. You will learn control over the Shinisu that surrounds you, the legends of the Rankers and the mysterious Jahad, the dangers of FUG, take simple tests, and get to know those around you. But do not let this ease fill you with confidence, because in the Tower, you never know what awaits just above you…


I’d like for everyone to have at least two characters- one male, one female for gender balance (you can replace one of them with a character of any other gender though) and there’s no character max- just don’t send me like thirty characters haha. All not-human characters must be approved by me in advance. Only one not-human per two characters per person (so of your two, only one can be not human, if you make four, you can have two not humans), and all ideas for a not-human must be approved by me prior to creation, though you have some creative freedom in what you want to do with that, if anything. Not humans are optional. Also, no ‘superpowers’ with not humans. Or human superpowers (duh).

Oh, and PM me signups, do NOT post them on the thread.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the signup form:
Character Name:
Age (10-20):
Are they human? If not, what are they?:
Faceclaim (real, not anime):
Other (tattooes, piercings, etc.):
Why did they enter the Tower? What do they hope to find at the top (can be tangible or intangible)?:
Relationships with other characters:
Are they stronger when it comes to fighting or strategizing? Why?:
Anything Else:




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Reserve for two characters :3


Reserve for two, please.


I probably shouldn’t do this but… agh… it’s too good to pass up!!! Umm… reserve for two characters and I’ll figure out what to do with them soon.


reserve for two, please!

discretely hopes i can actually keep up with this


Reserve for two please!


Fuuudge I almost missed this Dx
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thanks for tag! this seems cool, reserve for two :slight_smile:

Question ~

What type of non-human characters can we have (or not have)? Um, like some examples for each if that’s okay? >~<


Reserve for two! I’m such a huge fan of the webtoon so I’m excited for this!


Reserve for two!


Good question! I’ll just give you a few examples-

This is Anak- she’s like half lizard, half person in the webtoon and you can tell by her appearance, and the way a few people treat her differently-

lizard person


This is Rak, a literal crocodile. He can grow and shrink but it’s not so much a tactical advantage as that his natural form is too big to stay in certain indoor locations-

crocodile child


Honestly, you can do anything with this- you can have a talking version of almost every animal in existence or a human-animal hybrid. If I can find more examples, I’ll be sure to send them over soon. Hope this helped but feel free to message/comment with further questions.


Thank you ~ So basically anything non-human without ‘powers’?
So would something like a cyborg work as well or no?


Yes, pretty much.
Sure, a cyborg works!~


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Reserve for two


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another smol bump to remind y’all signups are due in eight days.
I haven’t received any yet, hence, I shall tag y’all.


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and to all my other RP homies seeing this now-bumped thread, reserves/signups are open until the RP starts!