Toxic and Negativity in the community


Hello. Today, I would like to address the drama and arguments going in many threads. This is not good. It’s ruining the community and messing with people. We shouldn’t condone this type of stuff. If you have a problem with someone, please private message them instead of making a public thread where others can get involved. Try to be mature about the situation. Do not act childish and curse people out for something so small. Or things that happened between you and them, not others. Stop making this stuff public. It’s ridiculous. There’s literally people in the community leaving, sad and depressed from these types of things. It’s terrible just to hear and see this. In the end, please just be more mindful about the stuff you do, what you say to others, and how you address them about it. Think before you speak or do. I don’t want to start anything with this, just please try to understand.

How Low Does It Get?



I totally agree with you! I’ve joined a couple of clubs and they’re already starting drama. If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all. They act like they’re in Elemantary school fighting for a crayon. :unamused::unamused:


It’s ridiculous and childish honestly :roll_eyes:


I agree✌


Preach it! The Forums should be a healthy and happy place for us!




Thank you


It was a pleasure


I have a question how low does it get! It seems to me that people have to take something unimportant and drag it down all the way to the ground with them!

Like I get it not all of us are fond of each other on here! We all have our differences…but that is no reason to make someone feel like they deserve NOTHING!

Things happen…but people (including myself) need to let it go! If someone has hurt you in the past you can talk to them through a pm in a calm way!

Making your problem public on a thread…and only showing your side of the story is WRONG!
There is no need to go to that extent! If you don’t like the person simply block them! It’s not that hard! All you gotta do is click a button!

Every person is ALWAYS going to have their own opinion, beliefs and ways of seeing things! That is not reason to attack them over the internet! There is no excuse for that!

This is the Episode Forums! It’s a place for friends, friendly conversation and anything else you can think of! ITS NOT FOR CYBER BULLYING!

Please know that this topic is not to create drama! It is to simply talk about the recent events that have been happening throughout the community! If you have any words of hate in this thread YOU WILL BE FLAGGED AND IGNORED

Much Love,


Very true. We need to empower one another, rather than putting each other down.


Yes I agree


Especially true for women…