Toxic and Problematic Themes In Popular Stories

You don’t have an option… Slap the guy and save the dog, while saying… ‘Oh, it’s just you…’ ?? :smiling_imp:

Sorry, but that’s a big ‘NO’ for me to read this story… :rage: And it’s featured and 13+prove?? :roll_eyes: (sarcasm)

Thanks! Regarding sexuality choice, I’m kind of stuck! I have written stories before (I just didn’t publish them because I thought they were bad), but I’ve never done that before. I am far(ish) into the story so it might be kinda too late…

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I think you should keep it the way it is. A story that is written to be a lesbian romance and not a generic romance you can swap different bodies in and out of would be more unique and fill a need that is clearly not being met. Like, I think it’s rad Episode stories give you the option to romance different genders in a casual, no-big-deal kinda way and all, but it certainly seems as though the lesbian options are something of an after thought for many authors and I think writing a story expressly for lesbians to enjoy (or bi girls, or honestly whoever I don’t think focusing on a lesbian relationship is really excluding anyone) would be a really beneficial thing to do!

What’s that supposed to mean?

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OK I see that this comment was written over a year ago and I hope you’ve listened and learn since then, but that is not what NSPD is. This is an incredibly ableist view of NSPD that ppl with NSPD has constantly called out for being ableist.

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Trope/Themes I’m tired of seeing in Episode stories: Calling evil/abusive character/s narcissistic and/or psychotic. This is ableist and stems from a gross misunderstanding of what NSPD and other personality disorders actually are/entail. A person with a PD isn’t more likely to be abusive then someone w/o a PD, and I really wish more authors would be considerate to ppl with PD.


agreed!! i’ve had to stop reading many stories because of the inaccurate and insulting portrayal of personality disorders. i think i read one story that tried to bring awareness to BPD (which i am diagnosed with) and within seconds of reading the story the character went crazy, did a bunch of evil things, and said that it’s their disorder and that it’s just who they are. disgusting. needs to stop.

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Thank you for commenting, and I’m really sorry that happened. There really should be something like sensitivity readers for writers who want to write characters with pd.