Toxics art Edits♥️

I’m kinda new to this whole thing and I’m just starting out and I decided to do some edits and I may or may not accept the request :heart:

All you have to do is credit me when you use the edits

Just post a pic of your character and put the details as well and I will make an edit of them

I can only edit INK at the moment and I hope people request :heart:

Also feel free to follow me on instagram @toxic_epy

Please don’t steal my art :confused:

Here are some of my examples


Can you change the pose i dont want something “basic”

Possible Poses





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Beautiful work btw and you can choose the pose :revolving_hearts:

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-Brow:Thin Curved
-Hair:Diva Curls
-Color:Platinum Blond
-Eyes:Upturned Luxe
-Lips:Blossom Lips
The pose doesn’t matter.Also incredible work :purple_heart:

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I live your work! You’re so talented! :blue_heart::blue_heart: If you can can I have and edit like this but with my character details

if you can I’ll send you the details!

Hiya! All details are below, and you DO NOT have to use that outfit! : )

Details & Pictures

Skin Tone: Tan
Hair: Long Feathered (Chestnut)
Face Shape: Oval
Brow: Defined Natural
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Toffee)
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Full Round (Terracotta)


Hand on hip, with slight smile or smirk


Well those edits are amazingggggg

Hi I love your edits @ttepy20 . I’m wondering if you still take any requests ?

Dont feel bad i am too.