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So I was wondering, if any of you have any family/friends/sibling traditions?

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I’m not really sure about holiday traditions, but I can think of two traditions that I have.

  • Every Saturday me and my family have a movie night, like we eat snacks or something that we baked that day, and all together we are watching a movie that recently was released.
  • Me and my brother have a tradition that whenever we have something to celebrate about, like a birthday or spring break or literally anything, we have a video night (more like a day) with snacks. (we often watch YouTube on those days)

I have some

  • Everyday we have to send some kind of message in our family group ( me,my siblings and my parents )

  • When ever we go for trips and stay in hotels or something we have to go for long night drives

  • Every special occasions we film our selves for no reason after a while we forgets that we are filming.

  • Whenever my brother grants me my wish I have to do something for him same goes for everyone else in my family

Umm I have more when I remember I will post it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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The only few I can think of it:

  • Every 4th of July my family goes to the nearest gas station and grabs snacks with blankets and watch the fireworks for about an hour, since thats how long they last.
  • Only hot days, my family go swimming in our backyard pool and play music with pizza and drinks, while playing those weird pool games.
  • Normally Friday nights is when my family has “movie” nights with a new rented movies with movie snacks.
  • We just started this one: Now, every Thanksgiving we make our own dishes and say what we’re thankful for around the table (Almost all families who celebrate this do this, but we never did this before and now we do)
  • And finally, before the pandemic I used to do this gift exchange with my best friend where at the end of the school year we would buy each other gifts as a goodbye to each other and to show our appreciation. Unfortunately, we both moved to different schools and we can’t do that anymore…She lives down the street but, you know…:microbe: :unamused:

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Since COVID, on Sundays we go on a family hike through the forest. Then we stop and pick up a treat (donuts, ice cream, etc)


We have rahkhri day in August which is basically when you tie a rahkhri around your brother’s wrist and he gives you a gift.

Growing up our mom would buy the rahkhri (spelling varies) and my sister and I would tie it on our brother and my mom would hand him a gift and he’d give it to us basically all mom :lol: :joy: gifts could be money, etc. My mom doesn’t have her brother anymore so she reminds my siblings and I to treasure this day :heart:

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Another one

  • On my birthday my sister will tell me about more about my mom’s secrets like embarrassing stories, things about my mom that my mom won’t tell me etc
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