Tragic Accidents that College Students Go Through

I need ideas for a story I’m working on…

What are some tragic accidents that college students can go through? and please do not say, the stress of exams

I don’t know about college students, but a lot of new drivers get really sleep deprived because of school, which causes a lot of accidents on the road, I’m sure it’s the same/worse with college students

Lose of a friend/family member/lover. Maybe they lost a parent and it’s reshaped their outlook on life? If your looking college specific…that’s a bit harder. A suicide of a classmate, like a lab partner they’ve been working with all semester, could be traumatic.

Financial burden… school loans…they might have to borrow alot of money somewhere… maybe even illegally? Not sure haha

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When I was in college, I lived away from home and that gave me really bad separation anxiety because my dad is a wounded veteran and I always helped take care of him. In college, I wasn’t around to help him and take care of him, but I still called him often and made sure he was okay.

One day, he kinda stopped answering me. I thought he was irritated with me, didn’t want me to talk to him anymore. I was a mess. LOL

A couple weeks later, it was September in 2016, this is the sole reason 2016 was the worst year of my life, I got a phone call that said my dad was in the ICU and he’s been in there for almost a month. He almost died, I don’t wanna go into the details how he almost died, but I failed all my classes that quarter and never recovered academically from how that affected me. I left Texas to go to Alabama to see him and he didn’t wake up for four more days. Connected to a machine, he’s African ancestry and was dark skinned, and to this day, he’s still lighter than he was before, his body is more broken now, he doesn’t remember everything that happened in the hospital.

It really messed me up. So >.>

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Peer pressure to be accepted by others, which will cause college students to drink heavy amounts of alcohol or do drugs. The number of accidents/hospital trips related to alcohol poisoning/drugs amongst college students has increased so much over the years, and that’s because they want to feel like they are “manly” or “accepted”. A lot of them do it because they want to destress, but it goes too far.

Hazing is another tragic accident story that is huge in college, where men and women who join a Greek fraternity go through certain “tests” to prove themselves to be worthy of being a member. They get pressured to drink a lot by those they feel superior to and for women, body image is a HUGE pressure. If you’re not a Size 4 or less, you’re going to stick out and it is so so sad that women feel the need to lose weight just to look like everyone else in an organization.

College is pretty messed up at times, not gonna lie.

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Sure is. Lol

I agree College is messed up lol. I went to college for two years but I didn’t do anything party related because I didn’t have time. (My degree was very demanding so it left no time for parties)

  • Death due to hazing
  • Rape and/or sexual assault
  • Someone close to them dies in their hometown while they are not present (i.e. parent, girlfriend, best friend)
  • Suicide from stress due to schoolwork and/or not feeling good enough
  • Themselves or their friend(s) overdosing on alcohol, drugs
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I’m liking the ideas, if anyone has any other ideas, please comment :slight_smile:

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