Train reflection?

Okay so i was wondering if anyone can help me make my character have a reflection in INT. TRAIN CAR - DAY window?
i have seen it done before in a story named ‘the blacksmith’ and i would like it to be in my story,
please help!

In order to do reflections, you’ll need 2 identical characters, a transparent overlay and a whole background overlay with a cut out in the shape and size of the transparent overlay.
Then you layer the frost character at 0, the transparent overlay and background overlay at layer 1, and the second character at layer 3.
The first character should face forward and the second character should be rear facing.

Try this background (it’s slightly different from the Episode one)

And this overlay (the glass is transparent).

&overlay TRAIN moves to layer 1
&REFLECTION moves to layer 0 AND CHARACTER moves to layer 2

Reflection will look like something like this

If you’d rather the reflection was clearer or less clear, let me know and I can change it.

OMG thank you so much!!!

If you could make it a little less clear i would be forever grateful
And what do i put when i credit you?

How’s this OL

For this effect?

Dw about credit

That’s so perfect!
I love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Thank you so much

Yah sure thing I like… hereby bestow this upon the community or whatever