Transfer Android to ios

Hey everybodi. I’m pretty sure MANY episode are annoyed be the fact that we can’t transfer data from Android to iOS.
The worst part for me is that I’m a writer. I’m entering the r&r contest and I think I’ll get an ios phone after I publish my story.

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You can’t move progress but when I needed to change devices, I managed to get my email disconnected with the profile. I then logged into my new device with my email.

Contact the support desk and give them your author email (email you use to write) and your support ID and ask for the email to be disconnected from your Support ID.

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so if I do get a place or smth, the readers will see that the author is my new profile?

No, you’ll be able to use your author account & profile in your new device. There will be no change for readers/viewers.

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I meant when the readers click on the author’s picture, would it lead to my new account or old?

As far as I know, your stories will be there and so will your avatar and name. The only thing that changes is that you will have to re-read all of the stories you like on the new device.

You will be using the same email, right? If yes, then there will be no change to what your readers see. However, I changed my device as a reader, not author.

Your stories are connected to your email, not device. So the stories won’t be affected. And you will have to add all of the stories you recommend again.

When you get your IOS device:

  1. Contact support and request to remove your email from the support ID of your ANDROID device.

  2. When they have confirmed that the email is disconnected from your Android device, log in to your IOS device with the email.

  3. If all of these are followed correctly, you should be able to see your profile on your IOS device along with your published stories.

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This Isa lifesaver! Thank you so much! :sneezing_face:

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No problem!

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