Transfering data from app to PC?

Hi, I started to writting story on phone app, but I can’t login on this site with my phone data. I know I’m dumb, but please help me :frowning:

You should be able too. All you have to do is go over to, log in and your story should be on the sides, like where that little scroll down thing is, it should say my stories on the top, and you scroll down until you find your stories title, then click on it and it should let you edit…

Keep in mind that once you start using the computer you can’t edit the story on your phone.


I mean, when I put my login and password from app on this site it says it’s incorrect :confused:

If you have an email hooked up to your account, reset your password, you also might of typed in the username or password wrong too, I do that all the time

Yeah, problem is that my account isn’t connected with any email…

Hmm… maybe you should double check and make sure you’re typing everything in right, like capital letter where they’re supposed to be, and make sure you didn’t misspell anything