Transformation and The Hot Life


Hey I have just started writing my stories
Do u guys have any tip to make my story better - pls tell me
Anyways if u wanna be featured in my story tell me what u wanna look like and what will ur name be


Tips to write a nice story on Episode:
-Plan it out first (what is the plot, the characters, etc)
-Write the dialogue & story on a script first like a journal or Word Document
-Practice directing on Episode so you become good at it.
-Never steal another’s work but you can draw on inspiration.
I hope these tips helped!
If more come to me, I’ll write them down xoxo


thx - soo helpful


Be creative
Take your time to write a story
Learn all about Directing

Hope that helps!


This tip is really helpful. I learnt the hard way that planning your story first is much better than winging it.