Transgender (MTF) Clothing on Limelight


Are they any clothes on Limelight that would look good on my transgender female? Any at all? I mean, I know the shoes are another discussion, but clothing suggestions, anyone?


You can get ideas from Brozoned :slight_smile:




Yes, it’s a story on Episode. Although the girl isn’t transgender she does have to dress like a guy bc of this contest she joins. kinda complicated to explain but you can get clothing ideas fromthat story.


Oh, okay, I’ll check it out. Seen it before, but thought it was too cliché…


Yeah, it’s total bullshit that the gals get at least a handful of boyish clothes but the dudes are stuck with either total frat boy or gay stripper, no in-between. I’d suggest anything pink (stereotypical, I know), necklaces (there are a couple for guys), boots (or anything with raised heels), hoodies are good and both mtf and ftm’s wear them because they distort your figure a lot. The layered shirts are good too. A simple graphic tee and a denim jacket thrown together doesn’t look too bad, and the vertical stripe shirts look kiiiiinda feminine.
For bottoms, the aprons are a good placeholder for skirts. Or the priest bottom if you’re looking for something formal. Even thought the kpop skull pants and the bondage pants aren’t really obtrusively girly, I know a bunch of girls who wear blingy things like that.

EDIT: oh my god I typed out this whole paragraph without realizing you were looking for limelight clothes. ooooohhhh my goooooood.


Oh by the way what’s your story name? I’ve seen a few ftm stories here and there but I’ve never seen a mtf story before and I’m curious.


omg I read that wrong…


haha oh my god I can’t believe we both read the exact same post and manage to fuck up the reading comprehension in two completely different ways lmfaoooo


I’ve noticed that a lot of mtf transgender individuals tend to wear heels when they can, mostly because of dysphoria. Just one thing to keep in mind. Otherwise almost any of the clothes would work, really. It just depends on the person’s personal style.


I feel dumb :joy::joy::sneezing_face:


Wait-- Are you meaning for a female avatar used or using a male one?


male to female I think, so female clothing on males

(omg, I hope this doesn’t sound offensive?!?)


It doesn’t sound offensive. I just wasn’t sure if they were gonna show them younger as a male avatar and then post-transition using a female one.


Here are some of the male limelight clothes that may be helpful if you were to use a male avatar for her:

Some clothing examples

Those are some examples of things that would make sense for a feminine woman may wear in the male clothing section of Limelight. The end shirts are the only things that are close to skirts, besides some of the waiter aprons. There are some necklaces and other jewlery that I left out, and potentially some shoes and shirts. I’d suggest maybe having tight-fitting pants in the selection, since it is more feminine than baggy jeans and pants generally are. I hope this helped!


Do the Loose Gauge sweatshirts, Scoop Neck sweaters and sweater dresses work?


Cold Blooded. It’s not published yet, though.


So in Episode it’s a guy? But he transformed into a girl?


Yep, that’s what transgender means.


Yeah sorry sometimes I get a bit confused because I know some people who say transgender male when it’s a guy transformed into a girl :slight_smile: