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So I had this idea of making a story for the reveal contest, no plagiarism please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: but I also wanted to give a message with the story. I feel that it is hard to make a story about a transgender, the topic is sensitive, I guess? Or it’s just me that thinks so?

I think if someone doesn’t feel good in his/her body and feel more comfortable/genuine as the other gender, that’s okay. I mean, we all want to feel good, right? So what does it matter. But I know it’s sensitive, I mean how would you react if someone says that?

So therefore I make this thread. Would you be okay with this story idea? Would you read it or do you think it’s wrong to make in the first place?
It would be a drama story, so I would have to make people shutting that person out, but with that I want to show that it’s wrong. It won’t be the MC who wants the be the one that is going to change gender but the love interest. Well, they will already be together, but you can choose if you stick with that person or be friends (still supporting the person!).

I don’t have people close to me who are a transgender, so I have a few questions.

  1. Which stereotypes should I avoid? What are things I should not say? Are there common mistakes?

  2. Is it okay that the transgender is insecure about the whole thing, because it’s a while on his mind?

  3. How do you come out, wanting to be a transgender? Who are usually the first to know?

  4. How would you react if you want to be still friends, but end the relationship? Or how would you react if you still want to be in a relationship with the person?

  5. Would it affect your relationship with others?

  6. I know it takes a while to change due to surgeries and hormones. But once you come out, do people say she directly or still he until changes are made?

  7. Do you change your name soon? Or also when you are further in the change?

Thank you in advance :heart:


hi! im a genderfluid gay male so i may not know firsthand about everything on being trans, but i’d love to answer some of your questions based on MY experiences and the level of MY education on coming out and trans culture. this is by no means accurate or general as coming out, figuring our gender and identities, as well as sexuality pertain each to their own person and differs one from another!

q2. if “the whole thing” you’re talking about is being trans, yes it is. queer people are mostly insecure about their identities because society deems it “abnormal”.
q3. coming out as trans is the same as any other. the first to know is usually the people we trust the most. in my case, it’s my best friend.

q5. it depends. it doesn’t affect my friendship in any way, but after i came out to my parents a lot of things change. relationship with the society (in my case the church) also changes a bit.
q6. addressing someone’s change in pronouns come whenever the trans person wants, usually after they come out. people who are respectful and welcoming usually would start replacing male pronouns with female and vice versa, but transphobic people won’t even call a trans man “he” or a trans woman “she” even after their surgeries. pronoun changes are subject to the people around the trans person and not the person itself. my suggestion is show people who are and aren’t receptive to pronoun changes, but don’t be afraid to show that even receptive people can slip up sometimes.
q7. changing names as in addressing oneself: usually as soon as possible. changing one’s name legally is a whole other thing which i don’t know much about.

if there’s anything missing or wrong please correct me!


I’m not a transgender myself, so I’m not really able to answer the questions, but I want to say that I love your idea of a transgender story and that it’s really good that you take the time to find some information and personal experiences from transgenders!

Good luck with the contest :blush::heart:


Thank you for your response, I appreciate that you want to share all this information. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll keep it in my mind when I write the story!


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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