Transition/fade in..I NEED HELP!

Hey so I’m writing a new story and all of my transitions are off. weird stuff just keeps happening. here is a screenshot of one transition I have that never seems to work. Help please!!!


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You should check out @Dara.Amarie’s guide to transitions, it should help immensely. :blush:

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to transition fading, you have to do this

@transition fades in or @transition fades out

Welcome to the community! :two_hearts: :two_hearts: I think you need to add the time, like this:
@transition fade in 2

Also, for all of the stuff before the fade in, I’d recommend using & instead of @ so that the character doesn’t pop up after it fades in.

You can also add a color, like this: @transition fades in white

Use transitions after the characters spotting/zoom
@transition (NAME) in/out T (time)

Copy and paste this then change whatever you’d like: @transition fade in/out (color) time

Thanks everyone! I was able to resolve the issue!