Transition Fade into a background in a specific zone?


I am wondering if there is a specific command to transition fade into a background but not defaulting to zone 1 instead of zone 2.

For example:
@transition fade out white 3.5
@transition fade out white 3.5

then it defaults into zone 1 of a 3 part background.
How do I transition and direct it to zone 2 instead of the default zone 1?

Many thanks if possible or not :grinning:

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@cut to zone 2

I mean when you load the background it will default to zone 1 if you do a normal transition fade.
I would like it to fade into zone 2 instead of zone 1?

You can not do @transition fade in zone 2

Put it like this-

@cut to zone 2

@transition fade in black in 0

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I will try that out.


No problem…

Did it work? :slight_smile:

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: