Transition help! 😭😭 (Dissolve)

Is dissolve not a transition? Cuz it showed in the error box that dissolve is a transition :sob:

I want a background to blur after showing it’s original version but it looks weird when I do it so I was trying dissolve transition. Lmk if you know what I’m doing wrong.

I haven’t heard of that transition, no.

You could upload the blurred version as an overlay, and then have it increase opacity slowly, as you want to reveal it. Maybe that’s closer to the look you want?


Don’t know where you got the idea, but a dissolve transition does not exist… What you could do is create both a normal and a blurry version of your background as an overlay. But the normal version on top, and fade its opacity to 0 in a few seconds. Do this right and you’ll have your clear background fade to a blurry one.

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Okay yeah! That’s a great idea! :saluting_face:

Thankyou! :sparkles: I’m not quite sure why episode showed it like that then :sob:

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So like they suggested create an overlay of said background blurried and layer it ontop and adjust the opacity of it fading in

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You’re welcome. You can see, and even preview, all of the existing transitions.

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