Transition help (newbie)!



Hey everyone! Sorry again, I usually just search up my answers as I’m a new writer. I usually see everyone starting off with splashes in their episode and it stays for a few seconds before transitioning. I did it, but I don’t know how to make it stay a few seconds longer before transitioning. :frowning:


before you write
@transition fade out

you can write
@pause for 5 (that means 5 seconds)


Birthday girl is right :sunglasses::candy::cake::green_heart:

Code for it:
@pause for T

And you would replace that T with a number, depending on how many seconds you want the background to stay for before you move onto the next background (T can be 5 like @RainbowCat said or another number like 3, 6, and so forth.)

Good luck!


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Like this right, this was messing with my head still haha


@transition fade in black in 2


I tried that but the background just comes without transitions then it transitions I don’t know how to explain


I’d recommend

@transition fade out black in 2

I like the way this transition looks


Here is an example for you:

@transition fade out black in 2
@pause for 5
@transition fade out black in 2


Thank you guys so much! I love you guys and yeah I got it and I hope I’ll remember and not get confused :slight_smile:


Yayy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hehe thank you for your help guys appreciate it. :smiley: making me closer to learn and publish my story! :smiley: