Transition not working!

After my flashback in my script, I wanted it to go back to where it was before and I ended it with a fade in/out. For some reason, it does not work. Here’s my script :))))

And I don’t think it has anything to do with it not being approved yet because I’ve done this before and this didn’t happen.

Try &cut to zone 2 instead of @cut to zone 2.
Does it work?

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nope. still stays black :(((

Did you put where you want the setting to be then it wont be black

Sometimes things get glitchy when you end with a transition. Maybe try putting something right after that? Like just a narrator bubble or something.

No, @averywrites put in INT. DINING BOOTH. So it’s (probably) not that.

I added a narrator bubble and background is still blank. I’ll delete the scene and try it over again and see if that helps!!

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Add a zoom reset


Dara, you are a live saver thank you thank you!!!


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