Transition / scene change issue

Hi, I’m trying to do a scene change using a simple fade transition and I’ve correctly (I think) placed my characters in the new scene but for some reason it keeps cutting to the next scene and THEN transitioning out and I’m confused as to why this is happening.

Script is here:

Try putting @zoom reset after fade out white before INT. COFFEE COUNTER. :thinking::tulip:

Can write

&zoom reset

So use the & command for anything above the transition.

Just tried both methods. No Luck lol

Have you tried testing it on the app?

Yes, does the same thing.

OK, maybe use @transition fade in white instead and then use & for the zoom and people above because it should work smoothly :thinking:

OMG IT WORKED i love you thank you so much shskshjss

No problem and thanks for your kind words, good luck with everything :smile:

Okay, wait it’s doing it again but this time with the curtain transition omg.

Try to switch it to @transition curtain out_left white

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Still no luck.

Um…here’s the explanation from Liz:

Switch the in/out. Go “in” at the end of the previous scene, and go “out” at the beginning of the new scene.

@transition curtain in_right white
@transition curtain out_left white


SGSKJHASKJA it worked! Dara, you came through like always hahah


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