Transition/Scene changes



I was reading a story and instead of using “transition fade in/out” to indicate a time or scene change (night to day) it looked as if it changed right on the spot, without having the fade. Anyone know what i’m talking about/ how to do that?


Just don’t put @transition fade in or out


I just tried that and it didn’t work. Since I have two backgrounds,(the night and then the day)
I need to have something in between.


Just copy your script and put the night background in and add the spots.


Can you explain?


Just don’t use a transition


@pause for a beat?
Put that in between?


I HAVE to have something in between


That didn’t work, but thank you for responding (:




@pause for [number of seconds]

@pause for [number of seconds]

That’s all you have to do.


I have two backgrounds


Oh okay. So yea, add a pause between backgrounds


May I ask what episode that what in? I have been trying to figure that out myself.


I think it was in The New girl. It was a really cool transition and i’m trying to find out how to do it


So you just want to switch from one background to another with out a fade or anything, correct?






I did that and it didn’t look the same


How? Because that’s literally all you need to do. Just add a background and don’t use a transition.

If you’re zoomed in and are in a different zone in the previous background, then make sure to cut to the same zone and zoom in on the same place in the new background.