Transition stays in previous background

Ok, I know that there were already threads on this here:

But these didn’t work for me. In the first one, the problem is that the person put commands before the “fade in”. Mine is just “fade out” and then “fade in” immediately after. It fades out and in, but when it fades into my background, it just shows the previous background and characters for a second, then goes to the next scene. I don’t know why. In the second one, I don’t understand anything lol. It happens every time i use the transition commands, even ones that aren’t fades. Here’s a screenshot of my script.
Above the “transition fade out black” is just dialogue, and after the background is just spot directing stuff (CHAR stands bla bla bla in zone 2). I don’t know what the problem is.

I’d put the background in between the transitions

@transition fade out …
@transition fade in …


That works, but the background appears without characters and they appear after the fade ends

Actually, you just have to put the spot directing in front of the fade in too

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