Transition troubles

So I have always had troubles getting a smooth transition and I have no idea how to fix it. I know how to do the whole @transition iris out black 2 and all the other ways to do the transition but it never has it to where the characters are right/ in the right spot at first. The transition will happen but no characters appear then it will happen again then it works and all the characters are there. So when I type it all in do I put all the information about what all they wear, where they are etc. after it fades out and before it fades back in or do I do it after? I don’t know if I made any sense but it has been annoying me because i’ve tried many different ways and just nothing has worked. Please let me know if I need to make anything to where it makes sense, thank you!

I normally have the characters off-screen and change clothes and whatnot before my scene ends provided the characters aren’t needed on-screen at that time.

&CHAR1 spot s x y in zone # (off-screen somewhere)
@CHAR1 changes into outfit
@transition fade out 2

But if I need the “same” characters appear at the end and the beginning of the next scene, I normally just use duplicates that had already been changed (off-screen before the scene ends) into the next scene’s outfits so when the next scene starts, I don’t have to change any outfits because they’re already wearing them obv and I can just have:

&CHARDUPLICATE spot s x y in zone # at layer # AND CHAR faces left/right AND CHAR is animation
@transition fade in 2

Don’t know how others do it though but that’s just what I do. 🤷

I don’t know if i fulllyy get what you mean but i think i do. changing outfits/character looks commands don’t actually pause the transition.

So, you can do it like this.

scene 1

@transition iris out black 2

@character changes into

&place characters here/insert actions

@transiton iris in black 2

Your transitions won’t be smooth because you’re most liekly using @ instead of & before the transsion. The & makes it happen simultanesously. But you can put the @character changes into outfit wherever you want as they don’t pause the script…

Sorry if this is confusing!

I always do

scene 1

@transition iris out black 2

@character changes into outfit
&plan next scene

@transistion iris in black 2

to make it simpler

I probably did it wrong because it didn’t work I just can’t figure out where

try changing the @ in line 61 to a &