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How do I fade into a new scene?

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while with no luck.

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@transition to fade out (white or black) in (however many seconds you want)

Thank you!!!

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So different type of transition are

  • fade
  • iris
  • shade
  • curtain
  • dissolve

-For fade: (in, out)
-For iris (in, out)
-For shade (up,down)
-For curtain (in_left, out_left, in_right, out_right, in_top, out_top, in_bottom, out_bottom)
-For dissolve (start, end)

#Sorry to say but I can’t say for sure if most people can use the dissolve transition but just had to add the transition in

colors you can only use this are


If you want to put time in it you could do something like this in the example

@transition fade in black s
@transition fade out black s
@transition iris in s
@transition shade up s
@transition curtain in_left s

S = How much seconds you want to put

So for dissolve I can’t say you wan use but I’ll explain it

@transition dissolve start s
@transition dissolve end s

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