Transitions to different scenes helpppp

Hey guys, I want to do a transition where it cuts to a different scene, I’ve seen these a lot on stories where it’s a black screen and it moves to the right, left, up and down to cut to a different scene, and one where it’s like a clock motion kind of. How do I apply those on my scenes. Does anyone know? Respond ASAP! :frowning:

Also ones where there are two characters in separate backgrounds and I bring them both on the screen at the same time???

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You can check here.

THANK YOU!!! But do you know how I can do the last thing I mentioned???

Do you mean something like that? Of course, with the backgrounds that you want.

Yes! But with the characters on either side.

You fix that at the time of coding, what I was referring to was the background.

Yes! How do I bring both backgrounds at the same time?

Maybe this video will help you.

This isn’t what I meant… I want one background to be on the left and one on the right and I want both of them to come in the middle at the same time.

Lol ok, you have to do that background or you can ask someone else to do it for you.

Okay! :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking for, but I know you can use the camera zoom to focus on one spot and then pan the camera without zooming back out. You’d need the coordinates where you want the camera to zoom to and where to pan to, but you can find those by going to the previewer, click on show helpers, click on camera, then zoom and/or focus (I think the below example will work, I’m not at my desk so I can’t test it first, I’ve not tried to do this yet, I was aiming to try it out soon though, and this was how I was thinking of doing it)

So an example
@cut to zone 1
@zoom on 150 169 to 400% in 5
@pan to 250 169 in zone 2 in 3
@pan to 250 45 in zone 2 in 3
@pan to 150 45 in zone 1 in 3

As for your second request, I’m not positive as I’ve never done it, but if I was going for that, I would create and upload my own background that’s split down the middle, then just have char 1 stay on the left and char 2 on the right (like the player is watching both chars talking on the phone right?)

I hope those help!

No this isn’t what I meant, but thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What background did you have In mind that you were wanting to use?

Hey I think what you mean is like this

If that’s the case the video uploaded above is correct. To make the screen divided right in the middle just make overlays like a triangle

Okay, then do you mean where part of the screen is black and you see only a small section of the character avatar or the background and the sections you can see shifts around?

If that’s what you’re looking for, then that’s done with overlays and panning the camera.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, could you post an example? Because otherwise I have no idea what you’re looking for :woman_shrugging:

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