Transparent background for overlay

Hello !

Is there a kind person to put a transparent backgroung by keeping the size (less than 1MB) of the picture enclosed ?
I can’t do it with my phone app, everytime the app make the picture heavier when I do it.

Thank you !

HIi I can help

Does this work?

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Perfect ! Thank you

Thank you it works as well !

Hello again, is it possible to reduce to 1MB or below these ones as well ? Thank you !

You can compress them online, to make the size smaller, search in google
Compress image PNG and click on the website you want to use

I found some online but the transparent background is removed in the process. Do you know one that keep everything ?

Maybe because you input it as JPG not PNG

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Hey I was wondering if I could use one of these fires pretty plz

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Hi, yes of course