Transparent Background Issue


OkAy there’s an issue here. So I make covers, overlays and much more for others. Everytime I send an overlay on this forum, the once transparent background turns into a colored background. What is going on?


like a black background?


No so I sent this and it had a transparent background and now it’s white. When you download it, it has a white background.


Its sort of happens like that. I don’t know why but I always does but when your opening it the background is transparent.


Well now it’s transparent wtf


ikr. I’ve been there before and it happens a lot.


AGGGG it’s doing it again :angry:


Like I said, it happens a lot so gotta still work with it. lol



It’s so annoying :rage:




Rn, it’s png.


No! It’s already transparent :slightly_smiling_face: